Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Something nice from a Blogger

Although it stinks the the funny show "Better Off Ted" is being burned off in the dark winter months and most likely not returning - we must give credit to the network for putting the show on in the first place. It's not a conventional show - not a family sitcom, not about young singles, not based around a slumming star. But it's a show that's just very funny and entertaining.

The network gave the show two seasons and unfortunately it did not catch on. Thanks for trying something different. Hopefully you'll try again soon.

Movie Studios become a bit happier

Studios are very excited by Bradley Cooper's break out role in "The Hangover." Hollywood found a new leading man. "Now we don't have to deal with Ryan Rynolds," said one studio executive, "That guy can now get his own chicken breast."
For a brief time, Hollywood thought Dane Cook would save them from the double R - unfortunately that did not turn out.

"Now if we can just hand over all of David Cross' parts to that Zach guy," continued the candid exec, "we'd all be a bit happier."

Thursday, December 17, 2009

On tonight's show - the guy from last night's show

It seems that the LA comedy podcasts all fish from the same pond. They all seem to have comedy regulars like Paul F. Tompkins and Chris Hardwick. Also Weird "Al" has become hip appearing on "CDR" and Doug Benson's movie show.

All these people are funny, but it makes the podcasts as limiting as the comedy shows. The hip comedy shows will have the same pool of comedians in LA. I guess it's about calling your friends and getting it done.

If Benson's show or CDR are the main stage of podcasts, then shows like "The Paul Goebel Show" are the open mic of podcasts. his shows feature new up and coming comedians he meets at the open mic. Some are funny and some are just fine. But it's nice to hear a different white male voice on the air once in a while.

This week a Todd Glass-less podcast of "Comedy & Everything Else" welcomes the Bud Light Golden Wheat of comedy (slightly less bitter than before) Marc Maron. On Marc's Podcast last week he welcomed hilarious comedian Andy Kindler. Just a Marc and Andy were guests on Doug "not now I'm talking up this chick" Benson on his funny podcast "I Love Movies." A week before that, Doug was on JImmy Dore's "Comedy & Everything Else."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ahhh, the first cancelation of the season...

Before you could make a bet with your friends the CW cancelled "The Beautiful Life." Although on paper this sounds like a great idea, model shows have traditionally failed. "But it's a show about hot women being hot!?!?" Still the track record is poor. Can you name a successful scripted drama or sitcom about a bunch of models? I can name two failures, "Paper Dolls" and "Models, Inc. " Both shows were spin offs of successful shows.
"Paper Dolls" was "Who's the Boss'" version of "Facts of Life" but with models.
"Models, Ince" was "Melrose Place's" version of "Melrose Place" but with models.

From Marc Berman and
First Cancellation of the New Season:
The CW has axed recently introduced Wednesday drama The Beautiful Life after only two episodes. The most recent installment plummeted to 1.05 million viewers and a 1.0 rating/5 share among adults 18-49 at 9 p.m. ET on Sept. 23 out of America's Next Top Model (which has spiraled considerably downward this season). Repeats of Melrose Place will step into the time period until further notice.

Why not leave the show on? The ratings are much worse than the other shows. and they promoted the hell out of Melrose and Gossip Girl.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Think he Meant "Pluck"

Ernie Anastos mixed up his "F's" with his "P's." The FOX 5 news has just cancelled their "Name Game" segment with Chuck Chucker.

Ernie tries to play it cool and forge ahead as does his anchor who has the perfect poker face.

Leno Don't Read Much

On Wednesday night's Jay Leno Show he did a bit about the classics being on Twitter. Actually a funny idea. Too bad no one fact checked it or even read it over.

In case you didn't get it, Hamlet's mom married his uncle after he killed his father. She got married so fast, Hamlet never had the time to make his move.

Doesn't this guy do "Jay Walking" where he shows people giving wrong answers to questions?

Here's the clip:
(It's all cued up and only about a minute long.)

PS. "Oedipus, call your mother."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Bad movie night: "Blind Dating"

Normally I wouldn't put this type of movie in the good bad movie night, but the movie is full of flaws. The film is just not good. Not much else to say about it. Except...

First off Chris Pine, only 3 years away from becoming Captain Kirk, stars as a blind guy who is looking for love. Get it? He choses to play blind by looking down all the time.

We get to watch him go on wacky dates that will never work, because it's wacky. These chicks are crazy!

Ok, let's cut to the chase. He's supposed to be from an Italian family. But none of the actors in the family are Italian. Instead they play Italian stereotypes. It's like you're watching an improv troupe and someone yelled "ITALIAN FAMILY FROM NEW JERSEY!" And then the actors on stage are forced to play along.

How do we know this guy who is playing his dad is Italian? He listens to opera and drinks red wine. And his wife? Well for the flashback scenes when they Pine was a kid, she speaks Italian, now that he's 22, she can speak perfect English and lost her accent.

The biggest offender is Eddie Kay Thomas, the guy who banged Stiffler's mom. He's the biggest I-talian stereo type. The greasy hair, gold chain, leather jacket... The character runs "Lorenzo's Limos." His name is Lorenzo, but people call him "Larry for short. Is that right?

The movie is shot in Utah, which means there's one black guy in the whole film. He of course plays the best friend... also he plays basketball and is a hustler. So all the races get attacked some.

Hipster Reveals, "Trucker hats aren't so bad."

Dateline: Williamsburg , Brooklyn

A local hipster reveals to us that he wears trucker hats because he actually likes them.
"Sure," he confessed over a can of Pabts Blue Ribbon, "At first I was being ironic. But now I really, honestly enjoy wearing a trucker hat. The plastic mess back keeps my head cool.
"After a while I started to agree with the messages on the front of hats. I would rather be fishing."
The trucker hat was just the beginning. "My wife and I went to Virginia for our honeymoon. Now when I wear that vintage t-shirt, I agree with it. That place is for lovers."

His whole life has been turned upside down. "I love Chuck Norris. That guy loves America and kicks ass. I mean it." He goes on to shock us with his confession. "My friends used to watch Walker, Texas Ranger with me every night, but ironically. Once I really started to like it, they wouldn't watch it anymore. They said I had no taste. So now I have to pretend that I'm being ironic so they will watch it with me.

As for that mustache? "It stays. I looked cool and older. Seriously, women dig it."

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Steve Mazan makes it!

Comedian Steve Mazan's dream was to perform on Letterman. He was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer. Finally on FRiday he did the show.
How did he get on? He fucking performed and worked his ass off. He didn't send post cards or guilted the bookers or held a sign outside the studio or any of those stunts. He busted his ass.

At the end of the article about the performance, Yahoo posed a discussion question to the readers.
"Talk About It: Did Steve Mazan's "Late Show" performance make you laugh?"

Well, surely you think no one would ever say anything bad about his performance... They did! but mostly people used this forum for their own agenda. Saying that Letterman is a liberal and all that. Who cares? A guy just achieved his dying goal!

It would've been funny if he went up and talked about airplane food and how Gilligan should've made a boat out of coconuts to get of the island and other hacky premises.
Here's his set. Watch it yourself and then keep it to yourself.
(I love that at the top of the segment, Letterman does about a minute and half of business. Although it was funny stuff, back stage is a guy who is literally dying. He is moments away from his life's work - and Letterman is f'ing around.)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

the end of a short and crappy era

Finally the soft ball days of Slow and Slower - Puff and Puffier are over. At the Movies nicely moved the two fluffy film dudes out of the show and brought in some real guns.
The new guys are great writers and were always good along side Roeper. But let's be honest. The Bens had better TV presence. that's why they were hired. AO "Call Me Tony" Scott and the other guy are great at what they do, but don't have the boyish good looks as a Ben Lyons. Awwwwwwwwwe.
Also this video is creepy. But I can't wait for real reviews!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Show that honors TV shows, will take time out to honor TV shows

There was a big controversy over the TV Academy wanting to "time shift" certain awards to make time for big tributes. Honors to writers and other not-as-glamorous winners would be handed out before the broadcast and then shown an hour later, but cutting out the long walk from the cheap seats to the podium.

This brought upon an outrage. "How could they cut down something for a TV show just because no one wants to see it on a TV show?"

Part of the reason for the downsizing was to make room for more tributes. The last time they did a tribute it helped the ratings. So this year the top rated cop and reality shows are getting an act. No format have been released, but a safe bet is that they'll show clip of CSI and American Idol and then have the cast walk out to thunderous applause.
In the 70's there would be a row of red hair dancers dramatically pulling off their sunglasses to a disco Who song.

Now the show will have both full awards and tributes. It seems absorb that a show that honors TV will take a break to honor TV. If you really want to honor CSI then nominate it for best drama. Nominate some of the actors and writers. It's crazy to see an awards show say they love something, but not give it awards.

It's like the LA Riots (go with me on this one). The police were let off but clearly justice was not done. The police could not be re-tried or re-arrested. So a civil lawsuit was filed. Rodney King got justice. This system has been used many times since. The families of the killing that the law found was not done by OJ, was still his responsibility.

Since you can't tell the academy members not stop voting for anything by Tommy Schlamme or on cable an alternative had to be created. Hence the tributes. "Here are shows that everyone loves but us! Enjoy."

The Wire was continually snubbed by the Academy. Should they get a dance number years later? Is having McNulty and Bunk sing "Swinging on a Star" justice?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Monk Solves an Important Mystery

This week on "Monk," Monk answers the burning question, "Did Daniel Stern fall off the face of the Earth after his sitcom failed?" The answer is - no. He was on last week's Monk. Thanks Monk. Also, "Has DS been doing crunches during his time off?"

Here's a fun game.

Here's a fun game. Watch the trailer for the new Uma film "Motherhood." At the end of each snippet yell at the computer "No she di'nt!" It builds and by the end you are wagging your finger and giving your PC "The hand.
Also throw in a couple of "No he di'nt just say that..." and "ER doctor talking crazy."

By the end you'll be yelling "OH NO! She di'nt!" Feel free to throw in a couple of "Girrrrrrrrrrrl" and "OH-kay."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The 3 minute Wicker Man starring Nicolas Cage

The Following is done by Ninja Car Wash

This is the original trailer for Neil LaBute's undisputed masterpiece "The Wicker Man". It was rejected by the studio and re-cut to be more "extreme". What a shame, because this trailer is much more honest about the tone and theme of the film.(you know, the theme of yelling profanity at children and beating women)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Winona Ryder Got Work Done

TV Cop Show Police Academy

Attention TV police cadets - I am A veteran TV cop show watcher. I have seen things you can only imagine. I have years watching the force. You must remember these tips in order to get your man/woman in a timely 48 minute fashion.

1) If a case involves a retired cop, he either did it or is doing security for the guy who did. I know he was your mentor and/or played by the book the whole time he was on the force or you knew his wife. But chances are his wife recently passed away or left him and he's totally obsessed with that one cold case you are opening up. Or he's making a killing off private security for a fat cat and will do anything to protect him. We know it's hard to bust a fellow a fellow officer.

2) if you hear of the guest star, he/she did it. This is mostly for cops on the L&O beat. If this person had a series at one point or was on The Wire, he did it.

3) If a teenage girl dies on the show, she's going to be involved in a prostitution circuit or an internet porn ring. I don't care if she's a straight A student. That's part of the mystery. Also, when she is found dead, she will be in a Catholic school uniform, even if she went to public school.

4) If the Russian mob is involved, Mr. Big's headquarters is in a strip club. Feel free to investigate during operational hours. Don't worry about it seeing topless woman. For some reason these woman dance around in their bathing suits.

5) All cases of murder are horrible, but if it involves children you have to get extra angry and take it personal.

6) If you are a psychic working out of Arizona - the killer is the woman's husband. Trust me. I've seen a tone of cases like this before. Tons. Almost every week, it seems like.

7) If a cop you never heard of or hardly hear about is just promoted, just had a baby, just got married or is talking about getting out of the cop biz and opening a flower shop, stay away from that officer. He will be murdered, soon. I know, it's unfair.

8) This goes for all the squads - if you meet this man, I don't care if he's a doctor or the victim's father, he did it. Plain and simple.

Now you know. So protect our TV streets. And thank you.

Killer caught

Skate boarding champ and skate park pioneer died from an allergic reaction from a bug bite. Boston police has wrangled up all the black beetles in the area and already have a confession.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Good Bad movie night: BIRDEMIC - Shock and Terror

"Birdemic" has become one of my favorite good-bad movies. not just the pure pain and joy of watching this videotaped opus, but the back story is pretty great too.

The filmmaker/visionary James Nguyen has made his third film and second blatant Hitchcock ripoff. The last movie was a "Vertigo" homage/rip off. This latest guessed it, a rip off of "The Birds."

"The Birds" star Tippi Hedren is in all three of his films, but she only shot footage for the first one. He reuses the footage he shot with her in LA in his other two movies and puts her name right up on the poster.

I don't know if SAG could get involved in this case get Hedren extra money since all the films seem to be shot on home video cameras.
lots of postings and blog entries have appeared slamming the filmmaker. I will not speculate on anything anyone says because i have no proof. But when I read that his office was around the corner from where I work, I rushed over...It's sad to report that it's just a mail box with the word "suite" before the PO box #.

The Northern Californian filmmaker has come down to the small town of Los Angeles to shoot his sequel to "Birdemic" - in 3D! Now be baffled and bored in three dimensions.

You can the original off a website that normally sells equipment.

In the meantime here's a list of things I love about "Birdemic: Shock and Terror."

- The pacing - It's almost shot in real time. When the leading man leaves his house to go to work, we see the entire trip. He walks to his car, gets in his car, drives down the street, pulls into a gas station fills up, goes back in his car, gets back on the road, drives to work gets to work, looks for a spot, finds a spot, gets out of the car, walks in the building heads to his desk.

- There are also scenes of majors phone sales, corporate mergers and promotions that have nothing to do with the plot or reality.

- The model! The female lead is a model. How do we know this? We see a photo shoot she is doing. Where's the shoot? On the beach? In a photo studio? Well, kinda. It's in an "one hour photo" shop. Like you find in a the town square. I didn't know they did
- How's the acting? Oh it's bad. But that's forgivable.

- The sound - it seems the whole movie is recorded using the sound mic that's built in the video camera. Sometimes, like when the professor type they meet on the road explains to our heroes why badly animated birds are attacking, you can't hear what he's saying.

- the birds themselves - in a movie that boasts killer birds right in the title, you would expect better birds. The director proudly says in an interview that he went to a graphics school and got recent graduates to do the fake birds attacking. that school should be shut down. They birds don't get smaller or larger or even seem to move that much. At the end of the movie when they fly off, it looks like they are flying in place because they don't get smaller into the sunset.

- The last shot - it's one long shot of actors staring skyward as the birds fly off. It's one shot. That meant those actors had to stand still for 5 minutes straight as the fake birds did nothing and the credits rolled.

As you can tell from the trailer, he decided to use, this is a slow paced movie that exists for no rhyme or reason. I love it.

Back stage at the premiere is just as exciting as the movie. Footage of people posing for still photos!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Don't start crying to me

People are shocked that the early reports of the G.I. Joe movie are bad. Look at the source material. It's based on a cheapo cartoon from the 80's. Anything is an improvement. What are you expecting Realism? Symbolism? There's shooting and running and you will like it! So there.

People were upset with the "Godzilla" remake from "The Independence Day" guys. People complained that the monster looked bad and the plot was lame. It was based on a bunch of cheesy monster movies. Who was banking on it to be good?

Friday, July 17, 2009

No one watching "Listener"

According to NBC is taking the summer burn off show "The Listener" off the air and replacing it with L&O reruns. Dun-Dun! The news site reports the show "posted a 0.7/2 among A18-49." Here's a show that the network knew no one would watch and it still disappointed. That's good news for men. Apparently no one wants to watch a show about a guy who listens. See!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

God needs a good (pr) person

It's tiny, but it's an ad for a pr person for the weather channel.

in these tough times, it's good to know that some jobs are still available. But this seems like either the easiest job in the world or completely impossible.
Either: "You have to watch it, it's weather."
or: "I know weather sounds boring, but it might rain tomorrow somewhere."

"It's weather. It might rain, these guys can tell ya."
That's for free.

Let's be honest

Herman Melville knew it was funny to put the word "Dick" in his title. He must have thought it would move books. Besides the great writing. It was an insurance policy. What a perv.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Keep it Classy CNN

Way to report the news! I like how they don't say this is a wacko but imply it with the "hand written" part.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jim Jeffries Punched

Leno Show Gets Format

Finally, the answer to the biggest question in TV broadcasting: "What's the format for the new Jay Leno show?"

NBC will be using their infamous show "Pink Lady and Jeff" as the new format.

"Pink Lady and Jay" will launch on September 14th.
"Now that Leno left, on his own, with no prompting, just left the Tonight Show," said one exec who asked to left unnamed and slightly miss quoted, "We needed to give him something new. So we did what we've been doing for the past three years, given him something old."

Yes, NBC has decided to re-use an old format. "NBC was once known for it's variety shows," continued the sweaty exec, "And then our dramas and then our sitcoms and after successfully killing that golden goose, we are ready for a come back. At a modest price."

"We've recently remade shows like Bionic Woman, American Gladiator, Knight Rider and others with mixed results," continued the chatty exec, "By mixed I mean some died right away, others took a second."

Leno has been quoted, "Aw shit. Really? Ok. Yes. Fine. Ok."

"Pink Lady and Jeff" is owned by Ben Silverman who said he had no idea he owned that property when he green lit it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Nikki Finke seems to be running out of things to write about. Typically her "TOLDJA" feature on her column is filled with real Hollywood insight. Today she seems to be reaching at straws.

Pet Shop Boys are gay!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bro Mitzvah

Thanks to Youtube good bits don't have to go unnoticed. A very funny video for a talk show pilot can now see the light of day, even if the show will not. Enjoy...

Friday, June 05, 2009


Casting Call: NBC Universal began its national search for funny comics with diverse backgrounds for its sixth annual Stand-Up for Diversity. Casting calls will take place in four cities beginning June 28 in Miami, followed by New York, Atlanta and San Diego with the final showcase slated for Los Angeles in early December. Anthony Anderson (NBC's Law & Order) will be the celebrity spokesperson for the 2009 tour. The winner will receive a talent holding deal with NBCU in addition to other prizes. Information on the open casting calls can be found at or .


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Stay Classy FOX!

Academy screeners have gone out. One in a while during the episode a disclaimer will flash letting you know that this is a screener and to remind people to vote. They should pick better spots.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Word Machine has a sense of humor

While watching the game show Lingo, I came about a total fail. On Lingo you have 5 chances to figure out what word they are thinking of by taking guesses.

Two couples compete against each other. I assumed they were couples. That would make sense. There was a male/female black couple and a male white couple. I assume they are dating. Look at the word they had to guess.

I thought I should take a picture. Maybe that's a funny random act. The male team won and when into a the bonus round.
The white team kicked the other teams ass. Chuck Woolery kept harping on the slaughter.

Followed by this random word choice...

And this the random word machine got mean...

Because game shows are governed by the FCC questions have to random, so it's strange that these words came up when they did.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Room Gets on the World News (Almost)

This movie is hitting critical mass.

Time Warner Finally Gets Around to Canceling it's AOL

The chat rooms will be a little more empty now that media giant Time/Warner finally got around to canceling it's AOL. "We forgot we even owned them," said one exec, "We never use it. But one day while looking over the bills, we realized we were still paying for them."

The process to end the relationship was not an easy one. First they had to find the number to call to cancel and then "we had to stick to our guns. AOL kept offering great deals to keep them around," said TW's financial officer, "they kept dropping their price and even offered us a magazine subscription. It was tempting."

No word on what is going to happen to TW's Hometown Homepage.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's been 30 years...

Are we still supposed to believe Dame Edna is a woman? Or even funny? She saussy! (That's saucy mixed with sassy.)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Networks want you to sit there for another hour or so

A couple of weeks ago I joked that NBC was going to expand the Super Bowl to 4 1/2 days. This would make logical sense since NBC expanded "celebrity Apprentice" and "Biggest Loser" to two hours a week and their finale to three hours. Over on another network they made their Bachelor work an extra hour.

How can you do this with 1 hour dramas? Put them back to back with their spin offs.
"Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice" already make up a block.
"90210" will be followed by "Melrose Place" on The CW.
CBS is putting "NCIS" and the new spin off "NCIS: Los Angeles" back to back.
CBS also pick up NBC's "Medium" putting it after "Ghost Whisper." That's two hours of women talking to ghosts. "The New Adventures of Old Christine" - a show about a divorced woman with a child who has to start over who is still friendly with her ex and his new love is followed by "Gary Unmarried" - a newly divorced guy with kids who is still close with his ex and her new love.
NBC's "Parks & Rec" will air at 8:30 just before the show it was spawned from, "The Office."

Now you don't have to think.

I don't think they meant this


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NBC Picks Up "Chuck" but makes him sell iPods

Next season the actors who play salesmen, will actually sell.

"Since 'Chuck' takes place in an electronics store," said one unnamed exec, "We decided to actually sell TV's and such as we shoot on the show."
Making the set into a working into a working would bring the show some more authenticity and and some extra revenue. "We cut the actors' base salary and offer some commission," continued the exec, "It will motivate them. The original tag line for the show was "Save the world for $11 an hour. Next season will be "$8.50 plus commission."
"Think about it, the ads for the show can double was a way to announce a sale. May sweeps is also 'Spring Blow out!' Is there a better person to buy a TV from than a guy on TV? No. This will work."

"If we had this with "er" we could've made a killing with the HMO's," said the same exec who offered this reporter a cup of coffee and then charged him for it, "The paper work alone would bring us to two more seasons worth of stories."
This was tried once before with little success. Once but in the 80's, they turned the "Cheers" set into a working bar. After a long day of shooting, all the patrons started hitting on Carla.

This new strategy is not a far leap from the way things work on "Chuck" before.
He's an example of their subtle product integration:

NBC also squashed the rumor that they will replace the current theme song to "Chuck" with the "Name Game" as suggested by Brent Hunter age 12.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

CBS' CSI:NY Goes after H

Recently CSI:NY aired an episode about... (or as Canadians say "about") -"A murder leads CSI to a group of white supremacists, the discovery of precious items stolen from Holacost survivors, and perhaps the uncovering of a former Nazi guard."

SPOILER!! (honestly, if you haven't seen the show yet, you ain't seeing it)
Ed Asner is the guard, I never trusted him...ooops he plays the guard...I still don't trust him.

He spent years hiding among the Jews until the third rated (in TV ratings only) CSI team uncovered him. He proclaims -"We should have killed them all" or something like that as he drags away or after Fred pulls off his mask just before Scooby gets a Scooby Snack(tm) I don't remember which.

"Paul "King of TV" Goebel points out on his podcast, that CBS puts up a very strange warning -

Would we be offended by that fact that the Holocaust happened at all? Or that you used it in a plot device?

(I didn't know how to put up an audio file - so I decided to use video and add a couple of things. Those guys don't endorse [or know about] the visual parts of the video.)

Here's the trailer for the ep.

My complaint is that they did the same device on the Jeffersons. Some how George walks into a white supremacist conference in the upper East Side.

SPOILER! (again - If you haven't seen it it yet, you really are never going to see it.)

A white guy collapses and George does CPR and saves his life. As he's being brought out in a stretcher he tells his blonde moptop kid, "You should've let me die." I always found that rang false. Why on his way out did he have to shit on black people one more time. "We get it! You are a racist." But anyway- years later CSI in the same city as George - pulls the same move.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exclusive! LOST MOVIE!


A&E dumbs down America

I'm not saying their shows are mindless...they are literally going into our schools and fucking shit up.
From Cynopsis:
# Untitled Tony Danza Project - Real-life version of "Welcome Back Kotter" where Danza goes back to his education roots and teaches history at a high school in New York for a year. 13 30m episodes produced by Greif Company.
# Steven Seagal: Lawman - In real life, Seagal is a fully-commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana and this series will follow him as he responds to crimes-in-progress. 13 30m episodes will premiere summer 2009; produced by Granada America and Steamroller Films.

Friday, May 08, 2009

NBC to Make next Super Bowl 4 1/2 days

NBC has found the key to success - if something works copy it. they did that with "Friends" and now with reality shows. THe Biggest Loser gained a second hour and went to two. Even the Celebrity Apprentice (I love this show) merged a second hour. Even their late night talkers is an extra hour. They added Fallon, but never got rid of anyone else.

Now the finale of Trump's show is three hours. Whut!? That's a lot of filler.

Is it that important that I would give up three hours of my life to watch it? It's not the Oscars or the Super Bowl!

Since the Super Bowl is traditionally the highest rated show of any year, NBC will now expand the game to just under 5 days. The players are not thrilled but understand in this economy they have to give 110 % and get paid for 80 of it.

The book makers in Vegas are frustrated. A lot of them have quit gambling and decided to actually make books.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

NPR Talks about farts

NPR took a short break from reporting on the recession and swine flu to let us know about the death of the great comedian Dom DeLuise. It was the only obit I read or heard that mentioned DeLuise's use of scatological humor.

No one else felt it was important to his use of fart jokes. The reporter sounds pained to read the upcoming lines introducing a clip of Dom farting in "History Of the World Part 1."

it's like she was convinced by some smart ass news writer that it was important to mention the farting.

Here's more Dom....

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Is he gone?

As of this moment TMZ and only TMZ reports that great comic actor Dom DeLuise has passed away. You would think other news sources would pick up on it on it if it was true. Why TMZ? Did he die while walking into Hyde? Was it shot on a cell phone? Was he not wearing underwear?

Hopefully, as the day goes on we can get confirmation, either way. He out lived James Cocco.

I talked about this before...
There are automatic ads that show up on websites that reflect what is being talked about on that site. (Does that make sense?)
On the page about DeLuise's possible death, there's an ad to have a flat stomach. Not now. Tacky.

He was very funny. Here are some videos of him in action...
The best to his family.

Here's a video of him with Dean Martin...

Monday, May 04, 2009

Experts give it to November before Chevy Chase loses his humility and becomes and asshole again

As you just read in the subject line...Experts give it to November before Chevy Chase loses his humility and becomes and asshole again.

Next fall Chase costars in the funny looking new show with the popular and likable Joel McHale. The show should have some "Ed" like success. Which will put Chase back in the spotlight so he can stop pretending to like everyone.

"We think by the third episode," said one noted behaviorist, "Chase will start telling autograph seekers to fuck off again."


"We thought we'd add a British chick and move them to a bar instead of a coffee shop," said one NBC exec, "I hope people don't mind the changes too much."

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The show is about whut?

HBO has a new show about a guy with a large you-know-what...penis. I said it! Every other article skirts the word "penis."
Anyway... who green lit this show? It's about a school teacher who has a large penis and becomes a prostitute. Not to be confused with a widow who becomes a weed dealer or a science teacher who a meth maker.

Int he interview below the HBO exec said she was looking for the next "Sex in the City." A show that a bunch of women can gather around each week. so, instead of a smart show about independent women and an open look at their sex lives, we get a show about a guy with a big you-know-what.

Time to cancel HBO.

OH! The show is an hour. Way too long. (get it?)

Mel's Diner: HBO's Sue Naegle from Broadcasting & Cable on Vimeo.

Good Bad Movie trailer

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Past Good Bad Movie

I don't know why this is going around the inboxes and super walls now, but it's great.

Future Good Bad Movie Classic

ICE-T does the voice of the talking hip hop mule. Wait...! Don't send me hate mail! He really is doing the voice of the hip hop mule. I wonder who turned it down. T was not the first choice... why do I say that? because it's a low budget talking hip hop mule movie.
"Hello, Mr. Z's office? Hey, dawg I am casting a talking hip hop mule moo...hello? just shot me through the phone."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Studio jumps on Viral Video phenoms

Hey Numa, Numa guy, Tay Zinday get ready for your close up.

Warner Bros. has found a way to capitalize on the craze of youtube videos. They are making the first movie based on the popularity of a viral clip.

The infamous "Christian Bale goes nuts" audio clip turned Youtube click climber will soon come out as a motion picture. Once the violent tirade went public they studio tried to figure out how to cash in.

Now they are rushing to the theaters a movie based on the ramblings. "Terminator: Salvation" is a sort of movie outside of a movie. Bale was yelling at a grip while shooting a movie. Now the only logical thing to do is release the movie.

"I wanted to get all those people sending LOL cats and Scottish singers on a movie line," said one executive who will remain made up, "i wanted them out of their seats on into their a movie theater."

Monday, April 27, 2009

Shows about teachers

Some TV show titles and/or plots seem to show up over and over again. Then the show does a quick death and a couple years later - it's there again.

Sitcoms about teachers is one that has come back. Not the young, problem filled teens, but the teachers.
"Sit Down, Shut up" is an animated sitcom on Fox about a group of teachers. what's different? It's animated.

I'm sure I'm missing a few, but here's what i could think of off the top of my head...

Teachers Only - 1982 (NBC)starred Normal Fell and Lynn Redgrave as teachers who did slow burns and was tall - respectively. The show did not last very long.

"The Bronx Zoo" - 1987 (NBC)
- was a drama about teaching a tough NY high school. The actual Bronx Zoo tried to sue to change the title. Lasted less than a season.

The Faulty - 1996 (ABC) - Like Techers Only it was about the behind the doors of the teachers' lounge...did not make it past it's first order of episodes.

"Boston Public" 2000 (FOX) Like "BZ" it was a drama about a super tough inner city high school. It lasted a couple of seasons. They kept adding hot teachers to the cast. didn't help much.

"Teachers." 2006 (NBC) Ten years after the failure of "The Faculty" NBC returns to the format. This time with a wacky/ Bill Murry type teacher with a loyal black best friend and woman he is pining for. Plus an uptight teacher who they class heads with. It lasted 6 episodes.

Now the FOX has changed everything in the genre. They animated it...and it's funny.

UPDATE: FOX HAS MOVED THE SHOW TO SUNDAYS AT 7. Not a good sign. I guess we'll have to wait 3 to 5 years for another teacher show. Maybe next time it will be in SPACE! SPACE!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spike puts the best at midnight

In an aggressive effort to steal some Adult Swim viewers, Spike TV is premiering a new sitcom On Thursdays at Midnight.
The show is created by comedian and writer for the funny blog, Chris Deluca. I urge all of you to watch it tonight or the internet,despite the fact that Chris once sold me a car with no breaks.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Show pilot takes bit from another cop show

What's usual about the new cop show "The Unusuals?" There's a scene in within the first 20 minutes that's lifted from "The Wire." The opening scene of the last season of the great HBO show, two cops wire up a kid to a copier and tell him it's a lie detector machine. The pages come out with the words "True" and "False" where ever it suits the cops. At the end one cop sets up the tenor of the entire 5th season saying "The bigger the lie, the more they believe" or something like that.

One the premiere episode of "The Unusuals" ("The Wacky" was taken) two quirky cops pull the same stunt on a suspected criminal. They do the same thing. For some reason he doesn't confess. He sees the results, but doesn't confess. Maybe he has HBO.

You can say "Well, maybe it's a common practice for police to do that trick.." But it was first done a year ago on a show that's considered to be one of the best ever. If you are aTV writer or cop show producer - you should've picked up that it was done before.

The "The Wire" show does it better of course. Not only does it work... but they set it up nicely. Also that scene has meaning. It's not just quick joke to show how crazy these cops are.

Here's the "The Wire" clip.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Biggest Hollywood Stars Talk to Us!

Hollywood training

How to be a d-bag

Hot or Not: Kabbalah is out - Jews are found annoying again

Hot Hollywood hit makers have given a collective "Enough Already!" to Kabbalah. After thousands of years tradition, the Jewish mysticism has finally run it's course.

"Sales of red string has dropped so fast. " said president of red string maker, The Red String Diaries, "that I would scream 'Oy!' if it was still cool to do so."

"It went from this cool thing that no one knew about," said one trend setter/follower, "Then one day it was like I woke up and everyone in Hollywood was Jewish.We can't all be chosen."

"It was no longer special or private. Everyone was doing it. I don't like to just blindly follow trends," stated an insider, "Have you seen "The Room?" That movie is so bad it's good!"

Now it turns out, if you want to be jewish, you actually have to be Jewish.

Kabbalah "jumped the shark" right after it was discovered that while ranting about people who wore read string and drinking Kabbalah water, comedian/ranter Denis Leary was indeed wearing said string and drinking the magic water.

The term "jump the shark," jumped the shark some time ago.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Journalist Drinking Game

Every time you read "He said" in this article about Kal Penn join the Obama administration, drink. Hope you enjoy being drunk.