Monday, April 01, 2013

PeTA Protoested

PeTA, an organization that's no stranger to protests is getting a taste of it's own medicine. The animal rights group is under siege by protestors.

"Every few months or so, PeTA will say they have some famous person posing naked in an ad for their cause,"  stated the head of PWLTSB (People Who Love To See Boobs) "Then you see the picture and it's someone sitting there coving up the good parts. That's not nude. Nude is nipple. NUDE IS NIPPLE! NUDE IS NIPPLE!"

This reporter had to flee the angry mob of pent up protestors who started chanting "Nude is Nipple."

"I went to see that American Idol judge nude, all I got was her sitting there with no clothes in a way that you can see nothing."

Five protestors were arrested, two for throwing tanning oil and coco butter on PeTA members who were wearing clothes.

This reporter does not normally get personally involved in a story, but come on! Enough already. I can't be fooled again. Ok, again.

Arsenio Announces Second Show

Before the show even launches, Arsenio Hall has announced that Nia Peeples will also get her show back. Following the "Arsenio Hall Show," "The Party Machine with Nia Peeples" will return for it's second season. After premiering about 20 years ago, the show is ready for a return. Only minor changes will be made for the late night dance show featuring the current "Dirty Little Liars" star. One source stated, "The show will have updated music, a variety of dancers and last more than five episodes."

NBC on the other hand is changing their late night line up. They plan to have Jimmy Fallon take over the tonight show and hopefully be so popular that "we will be force to replace him."

Cat Gets Dating Show

Based on the popularity, this cat will be the star of "For the Love of Kitty."The cat will have 17 suitors and only one will end up the "Main Scratch." Jan Michael-Vincent to host.

The video of the cat lying down and doing nothing got over 100 million hits on Youtube. Networks finally woke up and decided to reach out to this purrr-fect audience. Besides the dating show, the cat will have show called "Keeping up the Litter." This show will feature the crazy cat clan doing normal cat things like throwing parties, launching clothing lines and going to the spa. There will also be a panel show being described as "'Chelsea Lately' meets 'Chelsea Lately.'"

Dying Man's only regret is he didn’t work hard enough

Merv Flipburn, movie producer died last Thursday.  He worked behind the scenes and pitched movies for such actors as the wrestler turned actor.
“The one thing in life I regret not doing,” said the producer from his death bed and make shift HOSPICE in  Beverly Hills Adjencent. “ I made him an inspirational sports coach, a mean bachelor who becomes a softy when he has to bring up the daughter he never knew he had, a video game turned hopeful but DOA franchise, indie film actor, a tooth fairy who learns to less of an abusive boyfriend/step father.

But there was  always more I could do. He could’ve done a a rehab movie. "He had a 28 Days in him. I will always regret it. but there never seems to be enough time. Such is life. It will always regret not getting him a romcom."

Those were his last words. 

Mr. Flipburn is survived by his annoyed wife and three disappointed children.

Rosa Parks movie cast! Update!

A bio pic of fame civil rights leader Rosa Parks is finally in the works. The whole project was cast contingent  The financing finally went through and Blake Lively from concluded,  "Gossip Girl" has been cast as the woman who stood up for her self and he and an entire race on a bus one winter day 1955.

"We wanted to reboot the Civil rights movements," said one studio executive, "Make it younger so we can get a longer franchise. It worked for Star Trek. "

Update: "Back that Bus Up" will be in 3-D.