Thursday, October 25, 2007

My favorite case you are looking.

I'm obsessed with podcasts. I don't know why! I'm always looking for new ideas if you find something let me know.

My top can't wait for them to come on the computer:
From KPCC - Off Ramp- great local show about strange things in LA.
Also on KPCC - Film week. good reviewers.

Tim Goodman's TV talk machine from the SF Chronicle. (Last two weeks he has on Ricky Gervais and David Duchovny. But mostly he talks TV stuff and acts goofy. It actually gets tiring. When they actually talk about TV it's better.)
The Business - show biz features and news with slight sarcasm.
The Treatment - Elvis Michel interviews directors.
KCRW's today's top tunes - new songs every day. great stuff.
Indie Feed - has new music too. They have different genres. Rock, hip hop, and electronica.

CNN Headline news, MSNBC and NPR news updated every hour.
FOX has one too, but it sucks. It's 5 minutes long. In the middle of it they have a soft news item. who cares. i have 5 minutes. I don't want to hear the same Tony Danza interview every hour.
Cynopsis - daily TV news and ratings. The host can hardly read. It makes it more fun to get your news from a someone who can't pronounce "Colbert" or "Sixth Sense." It's like she's reading my typing.
Marc Berman's Programming Insider. - TV ratings with a strong New York accent always makes it sound official.

NPR shuffle: best of all the newscasts
The cool as hell Theater podcast - host interviewing real SF performers. I take sick pleasure in it.

opcast - ny times has an interesting podcast interviewing people who resently wrote an op ed piece.

I know people like Men with Feelings and "Keith and the Girl."

Monday, October 22, 2007


Fuck You NBC!
This week’s “Las Vegas” featured the super stereotypical Jewish family. The shrill and loud overwewight pushy wife. The menchie bald dad who became rich by becoming the “Brisket King” of some place in Florida. They are throwing a Bar Mitzvah for their nerdy son.
The mother argues about something they wanted for the affair but didn’t get. The party planner offers her an extra buffet for free and the mother is very pleased.

At least they didn’t play “Fiddler on the Roof” type music whenever they walked into a scene, oh wait they did.javascript:void(0)
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Every bad stereotype in the book was thrown in and the book as well.

It was like it was written by a bunch of bullies in the 7th grade. It’s embarrassing.

Oh, at the Bar Mitzvah itself, there’s a shot of a huge ham on the carving station.
Every stereotype in the book was thrown in.

The only realistic part was that they hired a rapper for his big day.

They also had a subplot where everyone had to carry around an egg for the day to prove their parenting skills. This is right out of every sitcom ever. What else can you expect from a “Love Boat” rip off.

You can go to to see the entire episode.

Here’s the plot summary from the “Love Boat” update from the NBC website:

Sam is organizing a big ticket bar mitzvah for Cy and Beth Lipshitz’s nerdy son Hershel. Cy tells Sam to set up a private table for him and keep his wife and son entertained and away from him.
Sam offers Piper $5000 to babysit Hershel.
Piper notices Hershel looking shyly at some girls. Why doesn’t he ask them to join in? Hershel asks if Piper’s a prostitute, and she is about to huff off, but he offers to pay her double to teach him how to get a girl. Piper relents, but only if Hershel does everything she says.

Piper holds Hershel’s hand through a full makeover with a haircut, new cool clothes, even an earring. Piper encourages him to talk to the girls, but Hershel chickens out and runs off. Piper rushes after him.

Hershel tells Piper that he may look great, but he’s still a wuss on the inside, nothing’s changed. Piper asks if Cy has had the man-talk with Hershel. But they never talk, Cy’s always busy. Piper takes Hershel to the table where Cy gambles, not wanting to interrupt his winning streak. Piper insists that she shouldn’t be the one teaching Hershel life lessons, and Cy gets the message, telling a baffled Sam to watch his chips. Sam’s worried that father and son are missing right before the party, but finds them bonding.

The bar mitzvah is getting underway. Hershel dances with Piper, and she gives him the confidence to ask the girls to dance. Cy and Beth have the time of their lives, watching their son dance to Mim’s live show with the rabbi’s daughter.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Enough with Britney

There's a news report today that she tried to order from the drive thru but forgot to roll down her window. It instantly reminded me of being in middle school where everything I did was commented on. Sorry I still have issues.

Back to Brit-- I think we should lay off, not so much because I feel bad for her, but it's getting boring. Can't you find a brand new young girl going thru a horrible family issues and a possible battle with substances? What about that girl from the "Game Plan?"

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pop will eat itself

Secrets reveled! On the pilot of FOX's much hyped "Back to You" Kelsey Grammer realizes that Patricia Heaton's daughter is actually his kin! What? You fathered the kid and then left for 10 years only to return and find out your ex lover is now your baby momma!!!!

Detective Grammer figures this out because Patricia's daughter, like him has a peanut allergy. What are the odds?

This sounded familiar to me? where did I hear this before?'s coming...Today I remembered that in the pilot for "October Road" the lead comes home after ten years and befriends a ten year old boy who turns out to be the son of his ex girlfriend that he left behind--And--that-- wait for it-- also has a peanut allergy! what? So now he thinks this might be his kid!

I don't know what shocks me more- that so many people have peanut allergies or that the "Back to You" writers stole something from "October Road."

I'm also shocked to find out that people with peanut allergies are so free with their sperm. Look out ladies. These guys will love you and leave you.

re-reporting Ratings for "Cavemen"

In case you were wondering how the commercial turned male Sex and the City did in it's premiere we turn to "The Progamming Insider at

"Older skewing CBS warhorse NCIS won the 8 p.m. hour, with a 10.5 rating/16 share in the overnight markets. Second were two series debuts on ABC -- sitcoms Cavemen (6.5/10) and Carpoolers (6.3/10), which dropped, on average, by a significant 49 percent compared to Dancing With the Stars on the year-ago evening (12.5/19 from 8-9 p.m. on Oct. 3, 2006) . While no one expected these "comedies" to match Dancing With the Stars, given the hype, particularly for Cavemen, the initial sampling should have been higher. Let's be honest…wasn't Cavemen just awful?"
There you go. Thanks Marc.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Re-reporting the news: 'Best Week Ever' Exec Fred Graver Out

Re-reporting the news: 'Best Week Ever' Exec Fred Graver Out according to Mixed Media's Jeff Bercovici

His voice mail says he's on "walk about" which must be the new way to say "ankling."

From Conde Nast:
'Best Week Ever' Exec Out at VH1

Fred Graver, former head of programming for VH1 and creator of its Best Week Ever franchise, is leaving the network, according to several sources. Emails to Graver were met by an out-of-office message saying he's "on walkabout," but he has let it be known that he won't be back.*

Graver was in charge of programming and production for the network from June 2001 until May 2002. It was a fallow period, in terms of ratings -- "post Behind The Music and pre-Celebreality," as one source put it -- and he was soon demoted, with MTV entertainment president Brian Graden taking over his duties. (They were later handed to Michael Hirschorn.)

But Graver got a second life at the network in January 2004, when he launched Best Week Ever, the zeitgeist-y commentary/comedy show that became a VH1 staple. More recently, Graver had been developing a network of sites under the aegis of the Linked Media Group. I'm told that Graver did not get along with Tina Imm, VH1's vice president for digital media.

Various VH1 officials have yet to respond to calls for comment.

UPDATE: Gaurav Misra confirms he's replacing Graver as head of Linked Media.

*UPDATE 2: A VH1 spokesman confirms that Graver is "pursuing other opportunities." Misra, meanwhile, won't be taking over Linked Media per se -- it's being disbanded -- but he will be working on site development with Tina Imm.

Monday, October 01, 2007

It might just be you...

Oh holly crap! I picked a bunch of new podcasts to listen to. this one is theater cast from SF.

  Apparently Hollywierd is too dumb to recognize good art so Michael Rice interviews the best of the unknown to give them exposure.
You know, kept down by closed mined Hollywood that only wants things that make money like sequels and the possibility of an audience... This guy Rice is interviewing is so fucking clueless. I think it's a joke, but Tim Sudano has a website and a trailer.

It feels like a bit on "Best show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling ."

Ricetalks about how Hollywood and Broadway has nothing original and then presents this pioneer. Tim, the pioneer, agrees and tells of his many rejections. Finally he describes the movie. It's a detective/vampire/alien story.
listen here The podcast keeps getting better and better. The host finally loses his shit and then kisses the guy's ass again.

From the "Cool as Hell Theater show" website:
Tim Sudano thinks his company should be the "go to" company for theater and film in the Bay Area. Sudano has recently produced a film called Second Chance, about a detective, bitten by a vampire, who rises above the situation because he is an alien. What the hell???

This is why I love SF, they are clueless to the real world. This has to be a joke. Don't say people turned down your stuff b/c they are closed minded. They might just not like it.
Here's some more interviews with the cast.The director says the movie is going to be better than the first Stars Wars Trilogy - that's my first clue that this is all a joke. But so much work went into the website and trailer. I also want to believe it.

It's well lit - I'll give him that.

No one is required to put up your show or see your movie. Yes, when you pitch a project someone might wonder if they will make their money back. Why not? And what's wrong with turning a profit.

Anyway, I can't tell if this is a joke or not, but let's hope it is a joke- otherwise "The Room" might have a run for it's money.