Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pop will eat itself

Secrets reveled! On the pilot of FOX's much hyped "Back to You" Kelsey Grammer realizes that Patricia Heaton's daughter is actually his kin! What? You fathered the kid and then left for 10 years only to return and find out your ex lover is now your baby momma!!!!

Detective Grammer figures this out because Patricia's daughter, like him has a peanut allergy. What are the odds?

This sounded familiar to me? where did I hear this before?'s coming...Today I remembered that in the pilot for "October Road" the lead comes home after ten years and befriends a ten year old boy who turns out to be the son of his ex girlfriend that he left behind--And--that-- wait for it-- also has a peanut allergy! what? So now he thinks this might be his kid!

I don't know what shocks me more- that so many people have peanut allergies or that the "Back to You" writers stole something from "October Road."

I'm also shocked to find out that people with peanut allergies are so free with their sperm. Look out ladies. These guys will love you and leave you.

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Mom said...

I'm sorry I passed on my peanut allergy to you. When will you finally forgive me?!