Monday, October 22, 2007


Fuck You NBC!
This week’s “Las Vegas” featured the super stereotypical Jewish family. The shrill and loud overwewight pushy wife. The menchie bald dad who became rich by becoming the “Brisket King” of some place in Florida. They are throwing a Bar Mitzvah for their nerdy son.
The mother argues about something they wanted for the affair but didn’t get. The party planner offers her an extra buffet for free and the mother is very pleased.

At least they didn’t play “Fiddler on the Roof” type music whenever they walked into a scene, oh wait they did.javascript:void(0)
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Every bad stereotype in the book was thrown in and the book as well.

It was like it was written by a bunch of bullies in the 7th grade. It’s embarrassing.

Oh, at the Bar Mitzvah itself, there’s a shot of a huge ham on the carving station.
Every stereotype in the book was thrown in.

The only realistic part was that they hired a rapper for his big day.

They also had a subplot where everyone had to carry around an egg for the day to prove their parenting skills. This is right out of every sitcom ever. What else can you expect from a “Love Boat” rip off.

You can go to to see the entire episode.

Here’s the plot summary from the “Love Boat” update from the NBC website:

Sam is organizing a big ticket bar mitzvah for Cy and Beth Lipshitz’s nerdy son Hershel. Cy tells Sam to set up a private table for him and keep his wife and son entertained and away from him.
Sam offers Piper $5000 to babysit Hershel.
Piper notices Hershel looking shyly at some girls. Why doesn’t he ask them to join in? Hershel asks if Piper’s a prostitute, and she is about to huff off, but he offers to pay her double to teach him how to get a girl. Piper relents, but only if Hershel does everything she says.

Piper holds Hershel’s hand through a full makeover with a haircut, new cool clothes, even an earring. Piper encourages him to talk to the girls, but Hershel chickens out and runs off. Piper rushes after him.

Hershel tells Piper that he may look great, but he’s still a wuss on the inside, nothing’s changed. Piper asks if Cy has had the man-talk with Hershel. But they never talk, Cy’s always busy. Piper takes Hershel to the table where Cy gambles, not wanting to interrupt his winning streak. Piper insists that she shouldn’t be the one teaching Hershel life lessons, and Cy gets the message, telling a baffled Sam to watch his chips. Sam’s worried that father and son are missing right before the party, but finds them bonding.

The bar mitzvah is getting underway. Hershel dances with Piper, and she gives him the confidence to ask the girls to dance. Cy and Beth have the time of their lives, watching their son dance to Mim’s live show with the rabbi’s daughter.

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Anonymous said...

really?? this is your blog for the day??? how insightful... hey, mediayenta, what show can you name that HASN'T used cultural stereotypes as fodder for humor?? whether it be jewish, asian, arabic, american, whatever... really... since the invention of the sit-com, can you name one?? i would LOVE to hear it. stop being so damn sensitive! surely there are more important things for you to whine about...