Friday, September 30, 2005

Stop cursing! Comics step on their own punchlines.

Attention late night cable comedy hosts.

Watch your mouth!

David Spade and DL Hughley both experienced comics and hosts of their own shows. During the punch lines they curse. A "shit" or "Mother Fucker" to sprinkle the punch. But it's TV so it gets bleeped. Then you can't hear the joke. There's a bleep. You take time to craft a joke, write a set up and then boom "BLEEP!" Thanks for ruining the joke.

This isn't the Osborn's, it isn't funnier to hear the bleep. Cut it out.

I'm watching Primetime LIVE with Diane Sawyer - respected journalist. She's interviewing George Clooney who made a movie about Edward R. Murrow.

DIANE SAWYER - (Voice Over) So we wondered how would Murrow, the crusader, feel about television news today?

GEORGE CLOONEY - Nowadays it's car chases. You know, local news. We love car chases. There is no news value in that.

DIANE SAWYER - (Off Camera) Would you ever put "Brad Pitt marries Angelina Jolie" in any broadcast?

GEORGE CLOONEY - Entertainment shows, sure. If I, you know, gave birth to a goat, it should be on an entertainment show. I think that -which, by the way, has never happened.

Why is a journalist asking a movie star if he would put an entertainment story on news show. He says no - but on an entertainment show. This is a news show. Why is a real journalist on a real news show asking a movie actor if he would do a fluff piece on a news show during a news show doing a fluff piece.

The answer is Yes.

DIANE SAWYER - What do you think about Murrow's accommodations? He did person- to-person entertainment show to keep the money coming in.

What do you think of it? You're doing it now!

Here are some more hard hitting questions.


(Off Camera) Okay. You can answer these or not answer these.


All right. I'm going to answer them all.


(Off Camera) Okay, here we go. Blonde or brunette, skinny or curvy?

GEORGE CLOONEY - Blonde or brunette? I have no preferences.

DIANE SAWYER - (Off Camera) The thing you're most shy about?

GEORGE CLOONEY - A room full of strangers always still.

DIANE SAWYER - (Off Camera) Last time you cried in a movie?

GEORGE CLOONEY - It was -I think it was at the premiere of "Solaris."For those of you who don't know, since probably no one does, that was a film I was in. I don't know. God, that's tough to think. "Terms of Endearment," you know. Big sappy movie. She brings the little kid in, you're like ...

DIANE SAWYER - (Voice Over) And when you get to heaven, what will be the sign that it really is heaven? What do you know for sure will be there?

GEORGE CLOONEY - If you get to heaven, it will be Rosemary sitting there singing with Nat Cole playing the piano.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Thoughts on the Emmys:

Last night, coming out of comercials and just before the segment where teh best dramtic actress is announced, they had a promo for the news. "tonight's Emmy winners" and they showed Patricia Arquette, the extra large Medium. Thanks.
How did she beat Glenn Close?

why was every late night host there but Jimmy Kimmel?
How much did Carson hate Jay if Letterman did a tribute and Leno was no where to be found? He did take the torch. "If Carson was alive today, he'd say, "Fuck that long chinned fuck."

The Scottich host of the late late show guy was unfunny and smug. Stepped on his own joke.

The news anchor thing was great. If not just for the Jennings tribute. All three men were forced out. one by age, one by scandal and the other by death. You pick which one.
Dan Rather keeps talking about having America's trust. He don't. He shouldn't.
It was cool that Lost won (get it). I hope it doesn't suck this year.
"Everybody love Raymond" won for best comedy. the cast looked like they would kill Raymond. "one more year!" Why did Brad Garret win and not Peter Boyle?
HBO might have the best shows and movies but who saw "Warm Springs?" "Empire Falls?" or SHowtime's movie about men of the cloth that love to love too much?
When will the Wire win everything?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

From the Programing INsider at

Insomniacs, Take Note:
GSN will remember Bob Denver this Friday, Sept. 9 with episodes of Beat the Clock and Password from 3 a.m. to 4 a.m.

Oh, that's a bold move.

"For all that Bob Dever gave us, please have your family join our family for a special tribute in the middle of the night when no one is watching anyway. Good nite little buddy."