Monday, August 19, 2002

Monday, August 19, 2002
No Comment, Print That

You can count on it. If an actor has a movie coming out, he/she will do 1,000 interviews and pretty much say the same thing each time. Not today. Not this next big thing.

Some actors talk a lot and have nothing to say. One actor just won't say anything.

For whatever reason, Vin Diesel refuses to talk about his past. He won’t say where he’s from or even what race he is. He says it’s because it ruins the reality when fans watch his movies. He’s afraid they’ll just think it’s him or something. The guy is 7 feet tall, bald, full of muscles, and has a crazy deep voice, who else can he be? No matter what he is playing, you think it’s him the whole time. He’s no Sean Penn in "Carlito’s Way".

I’m being cynical again. I’ll stop. He was great as the tough Italian who didn’t take any shit in “Saving Private Ryan,” and as the tough car thief who didn’t take any shit in “The Fast and the Furious,” and … you get the idea.

But now that he’s a big star (and he should be), he won’t talk about his past. When the interviewer asked him about his bio (that Diesel’s publicist gave to him), the D-man got mad and refused to respond. He even got offended about the most inane personal questions. Toots, where do you think you are? You’re in an interview. That’s what you do, you interview. Many articles were written about how he wouldn’t say anything.

Here’s what I would’ve said if I were the interviewer. “Babe, here’s how the game works. You give me something to fill the pages of my weekly rag, and I’ll give your film free publicity and your acting career credibility. Now work with me!” (File that last paragraph under “Yeah right!”).

One thing he won’t talk about is his race. He won’t respond to comments that he’s half Italian and half Black. I guess it’s because he wants everyone to assume he’s his/her race. That’s fine. I know what race he is, he’s Who-gives-a-fuck-ish.

Saturday, August 03, 2002

Saturday, August 03, 2002
Say the Write Thing

Oh, I get a lot of hits! I don't want to brag, but maybe 10 or 11 a day... OK, that sucks. But I'm very happy writing for Potch, Rob, Susie, my bro, and the other person, who I don't know. I do get a lot of hits from people doing searches for other things. They find my site, stare at it, and realize that this ain't really the Nicole Kidman naked site. One person found my site searching for "Ruth Buzzy" (sic). Who knew she was so popular?

I figure, while I'm gone, I should list most popular keywords. When I get home home from teaching my two-week course in Ireland at the "Institute for Media Research and Yentaing it up" on the Pros and Cons of Cons Gone Pro, I can see really high hits on my site and feel good about myself.

Go to the bottom of the page and click on the site meter, then go to referrals; there you can see what people were looking for when they came to this site.

Remember, Rob, Potch, Susie, and the other guy, these subjects might never really appear on this blog. These are randomly selected popular key phrases selected by the firm of "We Count Everything":

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