Sunday, February 23, 2003

Between the AOL Time Warner merger and the new movie "Gods and Generals," Ted Turner should hire a person fire department; he's burning money so fast. He produced, with his own money a four-hour movie about the Civil War. The seven Civil War buffs will run to see it.

I guess some movie producer went to a crowded Civil War reenactment and said, "If I could get all those people pretending to fight on a movie line..."

On the extreme other side, I've seen 3 or four press junket interviews with Kevin Spacey where he goes out of his way to tell people that his new movie about a guy who's against the death penalty, ends up on death row, is not about the death penalty. IT'S NOT A MESSAGE MOVIE! He said, "The message of this movie, I guess, if there's even one at all is...kind of unclear at eh end."
They must have done some target marketing and found people don't want to see a movie with a point or message. Unless of course, it's a 10 hour movie about the Civil War.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

That LA Thang...

Everyone in Hollywood wants to be connected to celebrity in anyway possible.
Last night I was a a party at my only famous friend. I ended up talking to her mover for most of the night, while I waited for my girlfriend to show up.

The mover and I had a nice talk about how nice the hostess was. Then he went on to tell me of all the famous people he moves Dan how they hang. I found that one movie star wouldn't let his moving crew in his house when he left his bedroom. They had to walk out until he went back in his room.

I also met a fishman. He puts fish in famous people's ponds and maintains the ponds. he went on about the famous people. I actually work in the business and I don't know that many people.

Is it not enough to be a great mover? Do you have to be a shaker too?

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Coming to the stage

Media Yenta does a tight five minutes

The Dell spokesman, the "Dell Dude" was arrested for buying a bag of pot. It's official, he gives everyone a headache.

The Dell Computer spokesman was arrested for buying pot. The company first became suspicious when they caught him scraping a hard drive.

The producer of "Monster's Ball" is trying to
nab Whitney Houston for his next film. She was forced turn down the role because she's crazy.

A study by the W Hotels found that three out of ten men would date Angelina Jolie. The other seven want to know why the W Hotels care.

A rejected Joe Millionare contested announced she knew he wasn't who he said he was. First, clue, his name wasn't "Joe."

Saturday, February 08, 2003

You blew it!
The Arm Chair Programmer

FOX has a major hit with "American Idol." Record numbers are being posted with their Tuesday 1 hour and Wednesday 1/2-hour conclusion.

So, why not put the first hour on Wednesday...and the conclusion on Thursday at 8 PM. Since AI started airing, "Survivor" was off the air and had "Star Search" in it's place. FOX could've taken "Star Search" down and put a dent into "Friends." Then when the new "Survivor" starts again, people are stuck, they need to watch their "AI" and might not get into the new season of the show hosted by the man with the world's biggest dimples.

Instead Fox is competing again the boring "Ed" and 15 sitcoms on ABC about wacky dads.

Fox needs to put the conclusion again the premiere of "Survivor."

FOX has NOTHING on Thursday. It's scary. They should put a hole in CBS and NBC’s success balloon.


NBC is finally putting a new show on Saturday night. The TV reality rip off of "Meet the Parents," "Meet my Folks" starts on Saturdays at 10. As soon as they finish taping them, "Hunter" episodes joins the rip off on Saturdays.
I say put in a repeat or best of "Last Call with Carson Daly."
Here's what I'd do.

8 pm - Meet My Folks
9 pm - Hunter
10 pm - Last Call

They're already paying for it, they might as well re-use the teen oriented late night talker on a night where teens might be home watching. Get them hooked! Then when they are old enough to stay up late...they needz to watch their Carson.

Friday, February 07, 2003

The Women Who Knew Too Little Movie Trivia

The Oxygen Channel now shows movies, and kudos to them
for not airing ladies-in-distress TV flicks a la Lifetime. I enjoyed watching "The Man Who Knew Too
Much" letterboxed, except for the giant "Oh! Oxygen" bug on the bottom right hand corner. Great movie, and
Doris Day is so foxy. Movie buffs know this is Hitchcock's 1956 Hollywood color remake of own British
B&W flick. Oxygen exec do not, apparently, as the film was identified throughout the broadcast as "The Man
Who Knew Too Much (1934)." Oh! Well. At least that scary old lady gives correct sex tips.

Media Yenta's Brother

Finally a show on Oxygen that's not cancelled.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Just the strippers,m'am
Dragnet returns as a Law and Order remake

ABC is airing a remake of the old show "Dargnet." From the commericails, this new version is more of a remake of any cop show on TV now. Why are they investigating the murders of hookers? Ever cop show is about an investigation of a murder of a stripper, hooker, or an unwilling porn star.

Never has CSI search for a killer of a plummer or school teacher. Well, a school teacher who had an affair with a student maybe.

Every murder case has the cops showing up at a strip club at some point. They never just show up at a laundrymat or a frame store.

Here's the pitch meeting for staries at the new Dragnet:
Writer 1: A chef is shot in his kitchen.
Producer: Nope.
Writer 1: Ok, let's change it up a bit. An underage stripper is killed in a alley.
Producer: Much better. Good rewrite.
Writer 2: What about a cop kiler...
Producer: I don't know...
Writer 2: But instead of cops, we have strippers and hookers.
Producer: Perfect.

Well today Phil Spector was arrested for shooting a woman. Polis say if she was a stripper or a hooker, they will investigate.

On Law and Order, people give up information way too easily. At first, they'll hold their ground and refuse to answer, but as soon as Crisco or the other guy asks the second time, they give in.

Cop #1: Where's your brother?
Person: I will never tell. We have a bond that will never be broken. I would die before I told you.
Cop #1: Come on...
Person: He getting pizza next door.