Sunday, February 23, 2003

Between the AOL Time Warner merger and the new movie "Gods and Generals," Ted Turner should hire a person fire department; he's burning money so fast. He produced, with his own money a four-hour movie about the Civil War. The seven Civil War buffs will run to see it.

I guess some movie producer went to a crowded Civil War reenactment and said, "If I could get all those people pretending to fight on a movie line..."

On the extreme other side, I've seen 3 or four press junket interviews with Kevin Spacey where he goes out of his way to tell people that his new movie about a guy who's against the death penalty, ends up on death row, is not about the death penalty. IT'S NOT A MESSAGE MOVIE! He said, "The message of this movie, I guess, if there's even one at all is...kind of unclear at eh end."
They must have done some target marketing and found people don't want to see a movie with a point or message. Unless of course, it's a 10 hour movie about the Civil War.

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