Sunday, February 02, 2003

Just the strippers,m'am
Dragnet returns as a Law and Order remake

ABC is airing a remake of the old show "Dargnet." From the commericails, this new version is more of a remake of any cop show on TV now. Why are they investigating the murders of hookers? Ever cop show is about an investigation of a murder of a stripper, hooker, or an unwilling porn star.

Never has CSI search for a killer of a plummer or school teacher. Well, a school teacher who had an affair with a student maybe.

Every murder case has the cops showing up at a strip club at some point. They never just show up at a laundrymat or a frame store.

Here's the pitch meeting for staries at the new Dragnet:
Writer 1: A chef is shot in his kitchen.
Producer: Nope.
Writer 1: Ok, let's change it up a bit. An underage stripper is killed in a alley.
Producer: Much better. Good rewrite.
Writer 2: What about a cop kiler...
Producer: I don't know...
Writer 2: But instead of cops, we have strippers and hookers.
Producer: Perfect.

Well today Phil Spector was arrested for shooting a woman. Polis say if she was a stripper or a hooker, they will investigate.

On Law and Order, people give up information way too easily. At first, they'll hold their ground and refuse to answer, but as soon as Crisco or the other guy asks the second time, they give in.

Cop #1: Where's your brother?
Person: I will never tell. We have a bond that will never be broken. I would die before I told you.
Cop #1: Come on...
Person: He getting pizza next door.

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