Saturday, February 08, 2003

You blew it!
The Arm Chair Programmer

FOX has a major hit with "American Idol." Record numbers are being posted with their Tuesday 1 hour and Wednesday 1/2-hour conclusion.

So, why not put the first hour on Wednesday...and the conclusion on Thursday at 8 PM. Since AI started airing, "Survivor" was off the air and had "Star Search" in it's place. FOX could've taken "Star Search" down and put a dent into "Friends." Then when the new "Survivor" starts again, people are stuck, they need to watch their "AI" and might not get into the new season of the show hosted by the man with the world's biggest dimples.

Instead Fox is competing again the boring "Ed" and 15 sitcoms on ABC about wacky dads.

Fox needs to put the conclusion again the premiere of "Survivor."

FOX has NOTHING on Thursday. It's scary. They should put a hole in CBS and NBC’s success balloon.


NBC is finally putting a new show on Saturday night. The TV reality rip off of "Meet the Parents," "Meet my Folks" starts on Saturdays at 10. As soon as they finish taping them, "Hunter" episodes joins the rip off on Saturdays.
I say put in a repeat or best of "Last Call with Carson Daly."
Here's what I'd do.

8 pm - Meet My Folks
9 pm - Hunter
10 pm - Last Call

They're already paying for it, they might as well re-use the teen oriented late night talker on a night where teens might be home watching. Get them hooked! Then when they are old enough to stay up late...they needz to watch their Carson.

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