Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kool Aide to advertise on Fox News

Kool aide will now advertise on Fox News. "We know people are drinking it," said spokesman for the drink. Then the spokesman high fived the people around him.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Andrew Breitbart to Edit This blog

We are proud to announce that Andrew Breitbart 
has joined the masthead of "Media Yenta." 
This is a site with fake entertainment news stories.
But people don't know which are fake and which are real.
"I tried to put a disclaimer. People didn't get it," said the 
Media Yenta himself. 
"But with Andrew as our editor, everyone would know 
the stories are made up and not true."
"As an added bonus, Andrew's blogs get a lot of respect. 
FOX news called him the 'publisher' of Publisher? He hits the orange "Publish Post" button 
on his blogger account. They also called him 'founder.'
He has a blog. FOX news is giving his blog credibility. Why? 
Is it on Wordpress? Was it a Tumblr site? Damn. 
Why is his blog a respected news source?"

So please, join us in welcoming Breibart as our Entertainment Editor. 
We need people to know we make shit up too.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

NBC Executives Were Right About Leno

NBC executives are patting themselves on their backs for the recent decline in ratings on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

"We called that shit seven years ago when we approached Conan to take over the Tonight Show," said Senior Junior VP Tim Urckson while his assistant assisted him in patting himself on his back. "I knew Leno would soften once he crossed that 60 years old mark. All it took was yanking him off the spot publicly, letting his audience scatter and then putting him back."

Does NBC regret pulling Leno off in the first place? "Are you kidding?" Mr. Urckson asked with a stern look that his assistant quickly put on his face. "We went to Conan because we thought this was going to happen. I'm like Magellan."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HuffPo will Now steal Travel Stories Too

The announced the are adding a travel section. They said it will be like the rest of the blog - so they will be "linking to" articles on sites that pay writers. They will "feature" other posts and return the favor with a link to the original article.
"A big thanks," said an actual travel writer, "Now people can see my work and I get nothing!"

"We look forward to  'featuring' other sites. We will re-print more than we should and write summaries of other people's work. That's not stealing. It's reporting...on...reporting."

Friday, July 16, 2010

Canada stereotypes, just like us!

After watching the second episode of the imported "Grey's Anatomy as cops" on ABC, I noticed that the one Jewish cop is struggling to be taken as a threat by bad guys. Somehow they instantly think he's a wimp. His name is Epstein. He also uses an inhaler. Also - not played by a Jew. Nice work Canada. It's good to know that the stereotype of the nervous Woody Allen type is alive and well in the great white north. At least you have free health care.
This is from the pilot episode.

First words out of his mouth... complains about the bill.

He has asthma!

This last episode after making a big bust who does he call...his mother. Then an old timer cop who's mad at him says "You look smart. You could've been a lawyer or a financial guy..." He looks smart?

The actor who plays Dov Epstein is Greg Smith. Nice.