Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Work out Wednesday!

This would be a better video if the kid had pants on. sorry about that. His dad is shooting it though.

At the end he thanks his producers. He doesn't name names so I might put it on my reel.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jericho or bust: I say bust.

On Friday the producers of Jericho took out a full page ad that looked kind of like a real estate ad. "Jericho and more than 6 million fans need a new home. Incredible storyline to continue. Network needed. Loyal fan(s) will follow."

Nice work on making it look like a real estate ad during the biggest housing slump in years. But they are not far off.

The value of the property has gone down. It's not worth what it once was. When CBS brought it back the ratings were worse than the year before. That meant that not all of the loyal viewers that sent peanuts to CBS went back to the show.

The first part worked. You got them to put the show back on the air. That's very hard to do. Usually a show has to show promise to get another season. But then the ratings went down. After convincing the networks, the loyals needed to get new viewers. Take some of that letter writing/website making energy and put it into getting more viewers. Maybe send people at home peanuts.

Maybe you can use your efforts to getting wi-fi on the bus.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Too early, Batman?

Did he fly his Bat-Plane into the building?

BTW - I'm still going to the movie. I don't care that one of the actors overdosed recently, making his character more sad than evil. I don't care that they exploited one of the biggest tragedies in American history. I don't care that Batman 1-4 stunk. I'm still going.

Artie Lange Returns to Stern

Together again!

He's the audio on youtube. In part one Howard fills time by taking calls from listeners. The guy is good at building up suspense.

See the side bar below for latest updates.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trailer Tuesday! (One day late)

For Pineapple Express:
(It's a red ban trailer. Dirty!)

From the no shit file: Star Jones filed for divorce.

Enough with the jokes. I never saw this happening either. I thought he contract was for much longer.

I wonder who is sponsoring the divorce?

Star Jones files for divorce from Al Reynolds
Ex-'View' co-host hopes to ‘emerge from this period as a ... wiser woman’

Access Hollywood
updated 10:21 a.m. PT, Wed., April. 23, 2008

LOS ANGELES - Star Jones has filed for divorce from her husband, Al Reynolds, after three-and-a-half years of marriage, a rep for the former “View” co-host has confirmed to Access Hollywood.

“Several years ago I made an error in judgment by inviting the media into the most intimate area of my life. A month ago I filed for divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is a difficult time in anyone’s life that requires privacy with one’s thoughts. I have committed myself to handling this situation with dignity and grace and look forward to emerging from this period as a stronger and wiser woman,” Jones said in a statement to Access.

A source close to the former talk show host told Access the couple’s relationship has been in peril for some time, saying, “It hasn’t been an easy relationship for a while. There were all these rumors out there, all this speculation, which made it difficult for Star.”

Speculation about what?

I would never kick someone when they are down. I hope the best for the daytime diva. And Star.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Low Budget Celebrity Sighting

Today on the 217 Bus with this guy:
Michael Colton with the glasses.

From this show:

What was I doing on the Bus? I take it! I'm done with the green and the kids - care about the environment - and my car is in the shop. (Not the mechanics, but the dealership. I got a used Daewoo on layaway.)

What was he doing on the bus? My first guess is that he's a New Yorker and can't drive. Or he's a New Yorker and refuses to drive. That won't last. Let me tell you.

To let him know that I'm also int he business, I started doing my People Magazine crossword puzzle. You have to be in the know to finish that. Anyway, welcome to the Metro.

He was reading the New York Times drinking a coffee (no food or beverage on the bus please). Most likely complaining in his head about the bagels and pizza here.

Friday, April 18, 2008

From the No Shit File: Sharper Image may close

I'm just shocked it stayed opened for so long.
Some reports say that the Sharper Image Stores are closing up. Some can blame the Internet, high gas prices or the general state of the economy. What about the fact that I've never seen anyone buy anything there?

Oh I've seen people go in and sit on the messaging chair. Or play with the nail thingies. It's more of an interactive kids' museum than a retail store. They should charge admission or put in a Starbucks and call it "The Sharper Image Cafe."

Still not convinced? Let me put on my headset, sports coat and do my best motivational speaker. Right now I'm in a conference room at the Learning Annex in front of a crowd ready to be brain washed. (Go with me)

Who has ever bought something from Sharper image?
(Hands go up)
OK, that wasn't a gag or last minute gift?
(Some hands go down.)
That wasn't an impulse buy?
(A couple more hands go down.)
And this item that you bought from said store that was not a gift or impulse item, do you know where in your home it is? Could you find it?
(The rest of the hands go down.)
That concludes today's lecture. Books and coffee mugs available on the way out.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Great video - third hand

Stolen right from the very funny Michael Markowitz

He got the video from tipster Sydelle Pearl who "...rightly alerts us to the best line in this troubling and hilarious video, which occurs 1:54 in."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Robin Quivers talks about Artie Lange on TV

Here's the link to FOX 5 and her interview this morning on Good Day New York.

Under the video is a google ad to loose weight. Just mean.

I've been not listening to Howard in months. Robin is Dating Jim Florintine? What?

Good Jewish humor vs. just crap

I hate bands and comics that use Jewish phrases and insert them into something and pretend it's humor. It's almost offensive to both Jews and fans of humor.
These guys handed out the DVD to striking writers. Biy that takes "balls."

Wacky Video Tuesday!

The New York Times and people around teh water cooler seem to love teh McCain Girls. Are tehy real or an invention of a comedy website? Who cares?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Show Canceled Almost during the show itself

stolen from

the great Marc Berman writes about CBS canceling "Secret Talents of the Stars" after one episode and was kind enough to make a list of shows that were also canned after one airing. I think he forgot a couple. Part of my theory is based on "There's got to be more." Also I remember a show in the late 70's on NBC that the network big wigs canceled while it was airing. The show limped to the closing credits and was never heard of again. It was animated dirty jokes. I thought it was called the joke book. My brother wold know. Any knows?

Embarrassingly enough I've seen at least three of those shows. "Co-Ed Fever aired at the same as another "Animal House" rip off, "Brothers and Sisters." Check out the first actor's Imdb page. His picture is both of a modern day guy in his late 30's and a modern day guy in his late 50's. Ver-si-tile! "Quick, get me a guy who can play both the young hot shot at the office and the grizzled old timer." "Get me Larry ANDERSON! STAT"He had a part on the show "Sisters."

The Secret Lives of the Stars sounds like every pitch a studio exec must hear. If you are at a party and someone hears that you work in TV they come to you with this idea. The 2nd AD at work pitched this idea to me. I told her they were doing it at CBS. She said she knew, she was up for the job. I don't get it either.

Secret Talents of the Stars is the 10th network series historically to be canceled after just one telecast. The others (in order of airing) are You’re in the Picture (CBS: 1961), Turn-On (ABC: 1969), Co-Ed Fever (ABC: 1979), South of Sunset (CBS: 1993), Public Morals (CBS: 1996), Lawless (Fox: 1997), Dot Comedy (ABC: 2000), The Will (CBS: 2005) and Emily’s Reasons Why Not (ABC: 2006).

Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh boy! this is probably really old, but fucking funny. Trust me watch it til the end. This is why Siskel & Ebert will always be better than Roeper and whatever guy they have that week to join in. Ebert of course recently survived cancer but was left (I think) speechless. Articles shay he had to resign from the show, but last week Roeper gave a health update and did not mention if Ebert would come back. That's too bad. He was great. Roeper has picked up his game a little since he had to lead the troops. But it's still great to hear the guest reviewer look at Roeper like he's nuts for liking a bad film.

Did Artie Lange resign?

Something called "Chatter Shmatter" has reported that Artie has quit the show following his outburst. BUt they don't have any proof to back it up. The only quote they have is from the show when Artie freaked out.

Other Artie Links:

Possible replacements
for Artie as by this blogger. The blog is on the Newsday site. How is that a blog? It's a newspaper column. This crap you are reading now is a blog. It's the voice of the people! With misspellings and misinformation.

The list they have is mostly Howard Stern show regulars. Anyone have any ideas that are not totally obvious? Or at least not HSS regulars? (And please don't put yourself - no one is buying that.)

This guy takes this opportunity to talk about himself...

Radar gets snotty (again) and brings up Vanilla Ice. Word to your mother.

Here's the local angle
. Written by a guy named Craig. No last name.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Audio of Artie Lange Quitting Howard Stern.

Audio of Artie Lang losing it on Howard Stern

breaking Howard Stern news

UPDATE: Audio of Artie Lange attacking his assistant on air and quitting. click here.

Artie Lange Resigns from Howard Stern Show

Atlanta, GA 4/10/2008 04:43 PM GMT (FINDITT)

Artie Lange, a mainstay on the Howard Stern Stow, resigned Thursday after an argument and subsequent outburst at his personal assistant on the air.

Lange, who became a member of the show in October 2001, was seen disputing with his assistant in the hallways off the air. Once Stern found out about the dispute, he invited Lange's assistant Teddy to discuss it on the air.

The argument began with Lange's issues with Teddy over money, then discussed travel accomodations Teddy, known as "Teddy Microphone" to the staff, made for Lange to Amsterdam.

As the argument ensued, Lange physically lashed out at Teddy. The scuffle was broken up by staff members, but Stern denounced Lange's actions.

Lange, who has a similar incident on air in the past, said he could not guarantee not acting out in this manner in the future. Stern replied, saying he cannot have Lange around with the potential of another physical outburst.

Lange then offered his resignation and Stern accepted.

Several fans have visited the Stern Fan Network (SFN) to discuss their thoughts about the situation and the potential of Lange never returning to the show.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Meredith Salenger wants to dance with the Stars

From her Myspace fan page:

Meredith Salenger DANCES with the stars?? ;)
Body: attention all salenger fans...

A few of you have emailed me telling me that I should be on "DANCING WITH THE STARS!!!"
And I actually thing that is a GREAT IDEA!
it looks like soooo much fun!
and major hard work!
I thinkn the people at ABC need to know that a lot of people would want to see me strutting my stuff out there...
One of you suggested a petition...
I am not sure how you would all go about that
but perhaps starting a THREAD on their message board might help??
any other suggestions
I would love to do it
and i know a lot of you would like to see me try!
PLEASE is you have a minute...
please post a little something for the folks at ABC that you would love to see your FAVORITE ACTRESS on their show!

here is the link to their message board:

Request Meredith Salenger for "Dancing with the Stars"

http://abc. go. com/primetime/dancingwiththestars/index?pn=mb&cat=23170

if any of you have any other ideas on how to go about begging them to get me on their show
I would be soooo appreciative if you let me know
or went ahead and begged them on my behalf!

Hope this works
YOU guys are the best!
Media Yenta's note:
I think Meredith is super nice and super hot. End of Comments. Thanks for reading and enjoy the hot pictures.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Music Video Tuesday!

LA stereotypes

I hate to say any of these things really happen in LA, but when it does, I will report it, since people like to believe Hollywood is filled with phonies. Not filled.

Caller: "Why is it that we only talk once a year?"
Me: "Because you only need something once a year."
Caller: "You are so funny. Anyway...I have a favor to ask..."

Girl at party (After listing all the strip clubs she worked at in Florida and admitting she snuck in with the sound guys who she met out in the parking lot.)
Girl: "Are there any famous stars here tonight?"
Me: "That guy was in Lord of the Rings."
Girl: (Not interested)"Oh. What did he play?"
Me: "I don't know. I think he was the head Wookie."
Girl: (Very interested) "Wow. Can you introduce us?"

Just then some dude who also must have snuck in starts to cock block me.
"Is that a tattoo? I was thinking of getting one. Did it hurt?" Thank goodness. I walk away quickly. Later the girl gives me a wave, just in case I'm important. the guy sees me at the end of the night and is pissed I left him with her.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Good Bad Movies: Good Luck Chuck

Usually a good bad movie is watchable, but terrible. "Good Luck Chuck" is
hardly watchable, but the bad elements link up to make a good watching experience.

It's about a good looking guy who has a curse, every girl he dates (i.e. bangs) ends up marrying the next guy they So chicks from all over rush to him to just have sex. But only hot chicks with boob jobs, because those types have the hardest times meeting men.

The movie is offensive on many levels and it's easier to just hit the good (bad) points of the film.

Its' not one bad movie, it's 20 different movies in one.
Klutzy hot chick (What About Mary), sex scene montage (Wedding Crashers), Penguins (March of...), fat, sloppy best friend who sleeps with women (John Candy in Splash), getting caught fucking food (American Pie), etc.

Opening scene - Almost illegal: a bunch of 12 years are playing spin the bottle. A 12 year old Goth chick takes Chuck into the closet for a little you know what. Chuck is both nervous and not interested and scared to death when she rips open her shirt and reveals a leather training bra. Yes, I thought the authorities were going to rush into the theater and shut the movie down. Partly hoped, so I wouldn't have to see any more.

The Klutzy girl - why do they make the hot girl a klutz a lot? First of all, we've seen it. Does it make them more attractive or more gettable?

No fat chicks - the only time Chuck hooks up with heavy women (or just plain non-strippers). One time to break the curse he picks the grossest woman possible and seduces her. Ok, not great.

Here's where it went pair shaped. His receptionist, a sweet heavy, middle age black woman with limited acting abilities shows up at his house and begs him to sleep with her. Since her husband died she's been so lonely. She needs some of Chuck powers to get a man. He finally gives in and she tells him he could think of someone else. He says he won't, but I think he did.

Jessica Alba's character smartly dumps Chuck after he loves his mind and becomes a crazed stalker. But her brother talks her into giving this possibly dangerous guy a second chance. Oh, did I mention that the brother is a huge pot head and heavy smoker. That's teh last guy i would take advice from. And, it's terrible advice.

The movie slides into a stalker comedy - with a funny scene of Chuck losing his mind. Then it's a love story again with two or three unfunny endings including one where Dane improvises fucking a stuffed penguin.


I can't say this is a typical scene - because this movie has no consistency.

Mayor of Whoville involved in scandal

The Mayor of Whoville was arrested on Saturday on charges of child neglect, says Whoville police.
Apparently the mayor ignored 96 of his 96 daughters and paid attention only yo his sullen son who chose to dress like Wednesday from the Addam's Family.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

ABC Family Channel's "Greek" Spencer Grammer is the daughter of "Fraiser" star Kelsey Grammer. Although, she looks a lot more like her TV uncle David Hyde Pierce.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

NBC's new fall line up

This is taken right from
Find full show descriptions there. Please sign up for their daily email:

Fall 2
Monday: Chuck, Heroes, My Own Worst Enemy
Tuesday: The Biggest Loser: Families, Kath & Kim, L
aw & Order: SVU
sday: Knight Rider, Deal or No Deal, Lipstick Jungle
Thursday: My Name
is Earl, 30 Rock, The Office, The Office, ER
Friday: Crusoe, Deal or No Deal, Life
ay: Dateline, Knight Rider [r], L&O: SVU [r]
Sunday: Football Night in America, NFL Sund
ay Night Football

Winter / Spring 2008-09:
Monday: Chuck, Heroes, The Philanthropist
Tuesday: The Biggest Loser: Families, Kath & Kim, Law & Order: SVU
Knight Rider, Deal or No Deal, Law & Order
Thursday: My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, The Office, The
Office Spinoff, ER/Celebrity Apprentice
Friday: Deal or No Deal, Friday Nig
ht Lights, Life
Saturday: Dateline, L&O:
SVU [r], Law & Order [r]
Sunday: D
ateline, Merlin, Medium, Kings

First of all, thank goodness NBC has pulled back on the
reality hours. I'm a fan of reality shows and refuse to be one of those people who say reality is ruining TV, but it was getting to be too much. I know there was a writers strike, but still. 14 hours a week of the "Biggest Loser" was getting to be too much.

Monday: I'm not a big fan of Chuck, but a night of Chuck/Heroes and Medium would be a
killer night - also easy to keep all one word titles in a single evening. But NBC could use the spot after "Heroe$" to launch a new show. "My Own Worst Enemy" stars Christian Slater (Kuffs) as a regular guy who turns out to be a secret operative. That's two hours after "Chuck" a regular guy who is a human zip drive for the government and right after "Heroes," regular people who speak in exposition and hit you over the head with symbolism.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually a wash for NBC. This year is no exception. "Lipstick Jungle" will be gone by December or just go the way of the great "What About Brian" - totally reformat the show, write the characters into a corner, add a black guy for no reason who doesn't do much and has crazy hair and someone will open a cupcake shop.

Thursday looks good. I love "30 Rock," but I don't know if I would put it in the family hour. I like it a little saus-ay. But putting on the Office twice? And then to follow it with a spin off (that sounds like a complete copy)? (Note to self: create a show with Ennis, Flo, Florence, Joey and Florida and call it "Spun Off.) Did they even try to find a show there? Most likely not - I blame the strike. But they did get new dramas - so how hard were they looking. Don't worry, the sitcom is not dead. there just aren't any new ones on one of the four major networks.

I'm a big fan of "Life." I'm glad it's back. Yes it wasn't perfect, but I like it - so there!
I give Slater's show a better chance than "The Philanthropist" a show that's been done to death as both a scripted and a reality show. Good rich guy gives to poor people - changes lives - we change channels.
Also family is also shaky with "Dateline." They are usually catching perfes, profiling prostitues or showing security video of people being shot at. It is produced by "news" but it's goal is not to be educational. It's TV news, If it bleeds, they will milk it for a whole hour.

Here's a first look at Christian Slater's new show:

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

From the No shit file:

Woody Allen sues American Apparel for using his image in major ad campaign with permission. He's looking for $10 million. It's strange that AA went from using porn stars sitting on a kitchen floor to Allen.

Didn't anyone think to check with someone?

In the spirit of the story the photo was taken from without permission.