Friday, April 11, 2008

Did Artie Lange resign?

Something called "Chatter Shmatter" has reported that Artie has quit the show following his outburst. BUt they don't have any proof to back it up. The only quote they have is from the show when Artie freaked out.

Other Artie Links:

Possible replacements
for Artie as by this blogger. The blog is on the Newsday site. How is that a blog? It's a newspaper column. This crap you are reading now is a blog. It's the voice of the people! With misspellings and misinformation.

The list they have is mostly Howard Stern show regulars. Anyone have any ideas that are not totally obvious? Or at least not HSS regulars? (And please don't put yourself - no one is buying that.)

This guy takes this opportunity to talk about himself...

Radar gets snotty (again) and brings up Vanilla Ice. Word to your mother.

Here's the local angle
. Written by a guy named Craig. No last name.

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