Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Low Budget Celebrity Sighting

Today on the 217 Bus with this guy:
Michael Colton with the glasses.

From this show:

What was I doing on the Bus? I take it! I'm done with the green and the kids - care about the environment - and my car is in the shop. (Not the mechanics, but the dealership. I got a used Daewoo on layaway.)

What was he doing on the bus? My first guess is that he's a New Yorker and can't drive. Or he's a New Yorker and refuses to drive. That won't last. Let me tell you.

To let him know that I'm also int he business, I started doing my People Magazine crossword puzzle. You have to be in the know to finish that. Anyway, welcome to the Metro.

He was reading the New York Times drinking a coffee (no food or beverage on the bus please). Most likely complaining in his head about the bagels and pizza here.

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