Friday, May 14, 2004


Fox will launch a new reality series on June 7 called, Seriously, Dude, I'm Gay. In this show, two straight guys try to pass themselves off as gay. In the show, the two guys will be judged by a panel of gay people who will decide which of the two straight guys they believe is actually gay and therefore wins the cash prize of $50k. Raising a red flag on the potential of this series is GLAAD, Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, who allows they have not seen the show yet, but based on the premise it could be potentially offensive and the show "speaks to negative stereotypes." Fox has said they will make an advance copy for the show available for GLAAD to view.

If I was a judge my first and only question would be, "Will you suck this?" End of story.

Why is FOX doing another "Are they gay or not" show the last one they did was a huge bomb. They had to end it before the conclusion of the series.

these "R they gay" shows are a strange reflection of our times. We aren't quite ready to fully accept homosexuals yet. But we are willing to recognize them. On TV they are decorators or over the toop queens.

The RUGAY shows reflect the fear the Americans still have. "IS he a queer?"

TV shows still have punchlines where two men are put in "uncomfortable gay situation." What's so funny about that? Get it on!

MTV has fone a great job of introducing gay life to children. They just show it as regular life. The way too explicit dating show they had where a lucky person gets two suitors on a date and choose one mixed straight couples, interrogated couples, and gay couples.

Teens watching the MTV would accept gay and interracial couples as normal because that's how they saw it on TV growing up.

Instant reader feedback:
With your theory, will they also accept going on a date with two people and fighting for a guy?