Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It was bound to happen. New York magazine took another swipe at "Generation X" to move units and fill up space.

Their cover story about thirty something that never grow up despite being parents is yet another generalization about a generation.

This article pisses me off. First of all-stop pissing on my generation. When we graduated from college there were tons of articles about "slackers." Lazy post grads who'd rather work at a coffee shop than get a real job.

Really? I remember there was a recession and I couldn't find a fucking job so I had to work at two restaurants to save so I could take a low wage job to start a career.

Now that every other guy my age -but me-has a kid- they say we haven't grown up? That's it's strange that a dad would listen to he latest music? Or want to see a concert?

I remember my mom listening to 50's music and going to oldies shows. My dad dragged us to Star Wars. We went because he thought it would be cool. He was right.

You mean no one reading this has picture of their mom or friend's mom with an afro? No memories of dad wearing a "Members Only" jacket, trying to look cool? If you do have any embarrassing pictures, send it to me so we can make a point together and laugh at our folks.

Although I love the snide nicknames, I'm tired of Time, Newsweek, New York Mag and others using sweeping statements to sell magazines.