Thursday, July 20, 2006

Whoopie Goldberg, Alec baldwin and other New York celebrities are doing these public service anouncements.
The plug line is "I'm a New Yorker who cares."
Which has to be better than the original, "I'm a New Yorker. Who cares?"

Friday, July 14, 2006

They say that people in LA don't spend enough time with their kids. Not true. Right now my daughter is at her "Nanny and me" class.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mariah Cary is doing great. This month she's on the cover of "ebony?" magazine.
Mariah Cary is doing great. This month she's on the cover of "ebony?" magazine.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Stop your Emmy Crying!

Right after the the articles describing the Emmy nominations the items criticizing them start. Columists from everywhere incuding Hollywood Reporter bitch and moan that some shows and actors were ignored.

One cry baby might say, "More Soprano cast members should've gotten a nod this year." - Which is true, it's hard to pull off an episode when nothing happens - week after week. It's really ahrd to pretend teh scripts are as good a they once were and not phoned in.

But really, if you work in the business in anyway shape or form and have the $150 membership fee, you can join the accedemy and vote for yourself.

You write about TV for a major industry publication and you're not in the accedemy? Then join. This isn't Cuba, it's TV.

Monday, July 10, 2006

What's going on with the news? Am I right people?

Big story? No one has seen Tom Cruise's baby. the news isn't that we've seen it, it's that we haven't seen it. I saw a guy from Us weekly on cable news discussing the non event. They had a clock showing the hours since the baby was born.

What's teh big deal about seeling his baby? They all look the same. Just google imagine "baby."

How is that news?

I can tell you when we'll see it: When Tom's next movie comes out.
All his big anouncements that have to deal with his new family revolve around a movie opening. It's more staged than a Hollywood star cermony.

He met and fell in love with Katie right before the "War of the Worlds" opening.
That did so well that a baby was announced and schedule to be bor just in time for MI:III.

So why waste a baby viewing when he has nothing to promote?

He'll tell us when the time is right, his next press junket.
Entourage is back!
They got rid of Cousin Oliver and they made Ari's daughter problem into a funny Showbiz diss. The show was never Seinfeld to begin with, but it's nice to see a little edge back.

Also - preview for the Wire! this September! can't wait.