Monday, July 10, 2006

What's going on with the news? Am I right people?

Big story? No one has seen Tom Cruise's baby. the news isn't that we've seen it, it's that we haven't seen it. I saw a guy from Us weekly on cable news discussing the non event. They had a clock showing the hours since the baby was born.

What's teh big deal about seeling his baby? They all look the same. Just google imagine "baby."

How is that news?

I can tell you when we'll see it: When Tom's next movie comes out.
All his big anouncements that have to deal with his new family revolve around a movie opening. It's more staged than a Hollywood star cermony.

He met and fell in love with Katie right before the "War of the Worlds" opening.
That did so well that a baby was announced and schedule to be bor just in time for MI:III.

So why waste a baby viewing when he has nothing to promote?

He'll tell us when the time is right, his next press junket.

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