Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Word Machine has a sense of humor

While watching the game show Lingo, I came about a total fail. On Lingo you have 5 chances to figure out what word they are thinking of by taking guesses.

Two couples compete against each other. I assumed they were couples. That would make sense. There was a male/female black couple and a male white couple. I assume they are dating. Look at the word they had to guess.

I thought I should take a picture. Maybe that's a funny random act. The male team won and when into a the bonus round.
The white team kicked the other teams ass. Chuck Woolery kept harping on the slaughter.

Followed by this random word choice...

And this the random word machine got mean...

Because game shows are governed by the FCC questions have to random, so it's strange that these words came up when they did.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Room Gets on the World News (Almost)

This movie is hitting critical mass.

Time Warner Finally Gets Around to Canceling it's AOL

The chat rooms will be a little more empty now that media giant Time/Warner finally got around to canceling it's AOL. "We forgot we even owned them," said one exec, "We never use it. But one day while looking over the bills, we realized we were still paying for them."

The process to end the relationship was not an easy one. First they had to find the number to call to cancel and then "we had to stick to our guns. AOL kept offering great deals to keep them around," said TW's financial officer, "they kept dropping their price and even offered us a magazine subscription. It was tempting."

No word on what is going to happen to TW's Hometown Homepage.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's been 30 years...

Are we still supposed to believe Dame Edna is a woman? Or even funny? She saussy! (That's saucy mixed with sassy.)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Networks want you to sit there for another hour or so

A couple of weeks ago I joked that NBC was going to expand the Super Bowl to 4 1/2 days. This would make logical sense since NBC expanded "celebrity Apprentice" and "Biggest Loser" to two hours a week and their finale to three hours. Over on another network they made their Bachelor work an extra hour.

How can you do this with 1 hour dramas? Put them back to back with their spin offs.
"Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice" already make up a block.
"90210" will be followed by "Melrose Place" on The CW.
CBS is putting "NCIS" and the new spin off "NCIS: Los Angeles" back to back.
CBS also pick up NBC's "Medium" putting it after "Ghost Whisper." That's two hours of women talking to ghosts. "The New Adventures of Old Christine" - a show about a divorced woman with a child who has to start over who is still friendly with her ex and his new love is followed by "Gary Unmarried" - a newly divorced guy with kids who is still close with his ex and her new love.
NBC's "Parks & Rec" will air at 8:30 just before the show it was spawned from, "The Office."

Now you don't have to think.

I don't think they meant this


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NBC Picks Up "Chuck" but makes him sell iPods

Next season the actors who play salesmen, will actually sell.

"Since 'Chuck' takes place in an electronics store," said one unnamed exec, "We decided to actually sell TV's and such as we shoot on the show."
Making the set into a working into a working would bring the show some more authenticity and and some extra revenue. "We cut the actors' base salary and offer some commission," continued the exec, "It will motivate them. The original tag line for the show was "Save the world for $11 an hour. Next season will be "$8.50 plus commission."
"Think about it, the ads for the show can double was a way to announce a sale. May sweeps is also 'Spring Blow out!' Is there a better person to buy a TV from than a guy on TV? No. This will work."

"If we had this with "er" we could've made a killing with the HMO's," said the same exec who offered this reporter a cup of coffee and then charged him for it, "The paper work alone would bring us to two more seasons worth of stories."
This was tried once before with little success. Once but in the 80's, they turned the "Cheers" set into a working bar. After a long day of shooting, all the patrons started hitting on Carla.

This new strategy is not a far leap from the way things work on "Chuck" before.
He's an example of their subtle product integration:

NBC also squashed the rumor that they will replace the current theme song to "Chuck" with the "Name Game" as suggested by Brent Hunter age 12.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

CBS' CSI:NY Goes after H

Recently CSI:NY aired an episode about... (or as Canadians say "about") -"A murder leads CSI to a group of white supremacists, the discovery of precious items stolen from Holacost survivors, and perhaps the uncovering of a former Nazi guard."

SPOILER!! (honestly, if you haven't seen the show yet, you ain't seeing it)
Ed Asner is the guard, I never trusted him...ooops he plays the guard...I still don't trust him.

He spent years hiding among the Jews until the third rated (in TV ratings only) CSI team uncovered him. He proclaims -"We should have killed them all" or something like that as he drags away or after Fred pulls off his mask just before Scooby gets a Scooby Snack(tm) I don't remember which.

"Paul "King of TV" Goebel points out on his podcast, that CBS puts up a very strange warning -

Would we be offended by that fact that the Holocaust happened at all? Or that you used it in a plot device?

(I didn't know how to put up an audio file - so I decided to use video and add a couple of things. Those guys don't endorse [or know about] the visual parts of the video.)

Here's the trailer for the ep.

My complaint is that they did the same device on the Jeffersons. Some how George walks into a white supremacist conference in the upper East Side.

SPOILER! (again - If you haven't seen it it yet, you really are never going to see it.)

A white guy collapses and George does CPR and saves his life. As he's being brought out in a stretcher he tells his blonde moptop kid, "You should've let me die." I always found that rang false. Why on his way out did he have to shit on black people one more time. "We get it! You are a racist." But anyway- years later CSI in the same city as George - pulls the same move.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exclusive! LOST MOVIE!


A&E dumbs down America

I'm not saying their shows are mindless...they are literally going into our schools and fucking shit up.
From Cynopsis:
# Untitled Tony Danza Project - Real-life version of "Welcome Back Kotter" where Danza goes back to his education roots and teaches history at a high school in New York for a year. 13 30m episodes produced by Greif Company.
# Steven Seagal: Lawman - In real life, Seagal is a fully-commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana and this series will follow him as he responds to crimes-in-progress. 13 30m episodes will premiere summer 2009; produced by Granada America and Steamroller Films.

Friday, May 08, 2009

NBC to Make next Super Bowl 4 1/2 days

NBC has found the key to success - if something works copy it. they did that with "Friends" and now with reality shows. THe Biggest Loser gained a second hour and went to two. Even the Celebrity Apprentice (I love this show) merged a second hour. Even their late night talkers is an extra hour. They added Fallon, but never got rid of anyone else.

Now the finale of Trump's show is three hours. Whut!? That's a lot of filler.

Is it that important that I would give up three hours of my life to watch it? It's not the Oscars or the Super Bowl!

Since the Super Bowl is traditionally the highest rated show of any year, NBC will now expand the game to just under 5 days. The players are not thrilled but understand in this economy they have to give 110 % and get paid for 80 of it.

The book makers in Vegas are frustrated. A lot of them have quit gambling and decided to actually make books.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

NPR Talks about farts

NPR took a short break from reporting on the recession and swine flu to let us know about the death of the great comedian Dom DeLuise. It was the only obit I read or heard that mentioned DeLuise's use of scatological humor.

No one else felt it was important to his use of fart jokes. The reporter sounds pained to read the upcoming lines introducing a clip of Dom farting in "History Of the World Part 1."

it's like she was convinced by some smart ass news writer that it was important to mention the farting.

Here's more Dom....

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Is he gone?

As of this moment TMZ and only TMZ reports that great comic actor Dom DeLuise has passed away. You would think other news sources would pick up on it on it if it was true. Why TMZ? Did he die while walking into Hyde? Was it shot on a cell phone? Was he not wearing underwear?

Hopefully, as the day goes on we can get confirmation, either way. He out lived James Cocco.

I talked about this before...
There are automatic ads that show up on websites that reflect what is being talked about on that site. (Does that make sense?)
On the page about DeLuise's possible death, there's an ad to have a flat stomach. Not now. Tacky.

He was very funny. Here are some videos of him in action...
The best to his family.

Here's a video of him with Dean Martin...

Monday, May 04, 2009

Experts give it to November before Chevy Chase loses his humility and becomes and asshole again

As you just read in the subject line...Experts give it to November before Chevy Chase loses his humility and becomes and asshole again.

Next fall Chase costars in the funny looking new show with the popular and likable Joel McHale. The show should have some "Ed" like success. Which will put Chase back in the spotlight so he can stop pretending to like everyone.

"We think by the third episode," said one noted behaviorist, "Chase will start telling autograph seekers to fuck off again."


"We thought we'd add a British chick and move them to a bar instead of a coffee shop," said one NBC exec, "I hope people don't mind the changes too much."