Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Is he gone?

As of this moment TMZ and only TMZ reports that great comic actor Dom DeLuise has passed away. You would think other news sources would pick up on it on it if it was true. Why TMZ? Did he die while walking into Hyde? Was it shot on a cell phone? Was he not wearing underwear?

Hopefully, as the day goes on we can get confirmation, either way. He out lived James Cocco.

I talked about this before...
There are automatic ads that show up on websites that reflect what is being talked about on that site. (Does that make sense?)
On the page about DeLuise's possible death, there's an ad to have a flat stomach. Not now. Tacky.

He was very funny. Here are some videos of him in action...
The best to his family.

Here's a video of him with Dean Martin...

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