Sunday, May 17, 2009

CBS' CSI:NY Goes after H

Recently CSI:NY aired an episode about... (or as Canadians say "about") -"A murder leads CSI to a group of white supremacists, the discovery of precious items stolen from Holacost survivors, and perhaps the uncovering of a former Nazi guard."

SPOILER!! (honestly, if you haven't seen the show yet, you ain't seeing it)
Ed Asner is the guard, I never trusted him...ooops he plays the guard...I still don't trust him.

He spent years hiding among the Jews until the third rated (in TV ratings only) CSI team uncovered him. He proclaims -"We should have killed them all" or something like that as he drags away or after Fred pulls off his mask just before Scooby gets a Scooby Snack(tm) I don't remember which.

"Paul "King of TV" Goebel points out on his podcast, that CBS puts up a very strange warning -

Would we be offended by that fact that the Holocaust happened at all? Or that you used it in a plot device?

(I didn't know how to put up an audio file - so I decided to use video and add a couple of things. Those guys don't endorse [or know about] the visual parts of the video.)

Here's the trailer for the ep.

My complaint is that they did the same device on the Jeffersons. Some how George walks into a white supremacist conference in the upper East Side.

SPOILER! (again - If you haven't seen it it yet, you really are never going to see it.)

A white guy collapses and George does CPR and saves his life. As he's being brought out in a stretcher he tells his blonde moptop kid, "You should've let me die." I always found that rang false. Why on his way out did he have to shit on black people one more time. "We get it! You are a racist." But anyway- years later CSI in the same city as George - pulls the same move.


Paul Goebel said...

That is NOT me in the video at the end.

Media Yenta said...

NO! It's some band I saw at Annie's in SF. I was looking for some video to put at the end. It was sitting on my computer and was offensive in a different way.

Luggage Tuesdays said...

The blonde moptop kid was the same kid in Escape to Witch Mountain, and Return from Witch Mountain, and I believe he makes a cameo in Race to Witch Mountain.

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