Thursday, April 30, 2009

The show is about whut?

HBO has a new show about a guy with a large you-know-what...penis. I said it! Every other article skirts the word "penis."
Anyway... who green lit this show? It's about a school teacher who has a large penis and becomes a prostitute. Not to be confused with a widow who becomes a weed dealer or a science teacher who a meth maker.

Int he interview below the HBO exec said she was looking for the next "Sex in the City." A show that a bunch of women can gather around each week. so, instead of a smart show about independent women and an open look at their sex lives, we get a show about a guy with a big you-know-what.

Time to cancel HBO.

OH! The show is an hour. Way too long. (get it?)

Mel's Diner: HBO's Sue Naegle from Broadcasting & Cable on Vimeo.

Good Bad Movie trailer

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Past Good Bad Movie

I don't know why this is going around the inboxes and super walls now, but it's great.

Future Good Bad Movie Classic

ICE-T does the voice of the talking hip hop mule. Wait...! Don't send me hate mail! He really is doing the voice of the hip hop mule. I wonder who turned it down. T was not the first choice... why do I say that? because it's a low budget talking hip hop mule movie.
"Hello, Mr. Z's office? Hey, dawg I am casting a talking hip hop mule moo...hello? just shot me through the phone."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Studio jumps on Viral Video phenoms

Hey Numa, Numa guy, Tay Zinday get ready for your close up.

Warner Bros. has found a way to capitalize on the craze of youtube videos. They are making the first movie based on the popularity of a viral clip.

The infamous "Christian Bale goes nuts" audio clip turned Youtube click climber will soon come out as a motion picture. Once the violent tirade went public they studio tried to figure out how to cash in.

Now they are rushing to the theaters a movie based on the ramblings. "Terminator: Salvation" is a sort of movie outside of a movie. Bale was yelling at a grip while shooting a movie. Now the only logical thing to do is release the movie.

"I wanted to get all those people sending LOL cats and Scottish singers on a movie line," said one executive who will remain made up, "i wanted them out of their seats on into their a movie theater."

Monday, April 27, 2009

Shows about teachers

Some TV show titles and/or plots seem to show up over and over again. Then the show does a quick death and a couple years later - it's there again.

Sitcoms about teachers is one that has come back. Not the young, problem filled teens, but the teachers.
"Sit Down, Shut up" is an animated sitcom on Fox about a group of teachers. what's different? It's animated.

I'm sure I'm missing a few, but here's what i could think of off the top of my head...

Teachers Only - 1982 (NBC)starred Normal Fell and Lynn Redgrave as teachers who did slow burns and was tall - respectively. The show did not last very long.

"The Bronx Zoo" - 1987 (NBC)
- was a drama about teaching a tough NY high school. The actual Bronx Zoo tried to sue to change the title. Lasted less than a season.

The Faulty - 1996 (ABC) - Like Techers Only it was about the behind the doors of the teachers' lounge...did not make it past it's first order of episodes.

"Boston Public" 2000 (FOX) Like "BZ" it was a drama about a super tough inner city high school. It lasted a couple of seasons. They kept adding hot teachers to the cast. didn't help much.

"Teachers." 2006 (NBC) Ten years after the failure of "The Faculty" NBC returns to the format. This time with a wacky/ Bill Murry type teacher with a loyal black best friend and woman he is pining for. Plus an uptight teacher who they class heads with. It lasted 6 episodes.

Now the FOX has changed everything in the genre. They animated it...and it's funny.

UPDATE: FOX HAS MOVED THE SHOW TO SUNDAYS AT 7. Not a good sign. I guess we'll have to wait 3 to 5 years for another teacher show. Maybe next time it will be in SPACE! SPACE!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spike puts the best at midnight

In an aggressive effort to steal some Adult Swim viewers, Spike TV is premiering a new sitcom On Thursdays at Midnight.
The show is created by comedian and writer for the funny blog, Chris Deluca. I urge all of you to watch it tonight or the internet,despite the fact that Chris once sold me a car with no breaks.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Show pilot takes bit from another cop show

What's usual about the new cop show "The Unusuals?" There's a scene in within the first 20 minutes that's lifted from "The Wire." The opening scene of the last season of the great HBO show, two cops wire up a kid to a copier and tell him it's a lie detector machine. The pages come out with the words "True" and "False" where ever it suits the cops. At the end one cop sets up the tenor of the entire 5th season saying "The bigger the lie, the more they believe" or something like that.

One the premiere episode of "The Unusuals" ("The Wacky" was taken) two quirky cops pull the same stunt on a suspected criminal. They do the same thing. For some reason he doesn't confess. He sees the results, but doesn't confess. Maybe he has HBO.

You can say "Well, maybe it's a common practice for police to do that trick.." But it was first done a year ago on a show that's considered to be one of the best ever. If you are aTV writer or cop show producer - you should've picked up that it was done before.

The "The Wire" show does it better of course. Not only does it work... but they set it up nicely. Also that scene has meaning. It's not just quick joke to show how crazy these cops are.

Here's the "The Wire" clip.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Biggest Hollywood Stars Talk to Us!

Hollywood training

How to be a d-bag

Hot or Not: Kabbalah is out - Jews are found annoying again

Hot Hollywood hit makers have given a collective "Enough Already!" to Kabbalah. After thousands of years tradition, the Jewish mysticism has finally run it's course.

"Sales of red string has dropped so fast. " said president of red string maker, The Red String Diaries, "that I would scream 'Oy!' if it was still cool to do so."

"It went from this cool thing that no one knew about," said one trend setter/follower, "Then one day it was like I woke up and everyone in Hollywood was Jewish.We can't all be chosen."

"It was no longer special or private. Everyone was doing it. I don't like to just blindly follow trends," stated an insider, "Have you seen "The Room?" That movie is so bad it's good!"

Now it turns out, if you want to be jewish, you actually have to be Jewish.

Kabbalah "jumped the shark" right after it was discovered that while ranting about people who wore read string and drinking Kabbalah water, comedian/ranter Denis Leary was indeed wearing said string and drinking the magic water.

The term "jump the shark," jumped the shark some time ago.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Journalist Drinking Game

Every time you read "He said" in this article about Kal Penn join the Obama administration, drink. Hope you enjoy being drunk.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Radio Hates White People

With Moving 93 becoming a Spanish station that means one thing... NO MORE RICK DEES!

Oh, I'll admit the happy 80's songs kept me rolling in the morning as I put on my flat front Dockers and pressed Oxford. Now it is gone. Gone. This is an all assault on the white man - the middle aged white man. They are slowly taking away our radio - one Soft Cell song at a time.

This is not the first time the white man has been attacked in the morning.

Of course this all started when Howard went to pay for it radio. I love Howard...but I guest I'm more frugal than a Howard fan.
Indie 103.1 came on the scene a few years ago with that guy from that band. He had a great show. Then he was let go. Now what? Wait... He's been replaced by another former punk rocker. Joe Escalante was the morning guy at Indie 103.. His show was good. Good guests and good music. then the music got even more mainstream...then it went plain rock. Joe was gone and Morning Radiobot 3000 took over. They claimed they had to sell out to survive. It's became an order of KROQ hold the (Kevin and) Bean. That didn't last, it went Spanish and the Indie went on the internet.

So I jumped ship to 97.1 FM talk. They finally got rid of Danny Bonaduce in the morning and the show left the ACE man alone to talk and talk and talk. It became daily listening. Then 97.1 went disco - sorry to insult disco. This music sucks.

So, being just too old to listen to KROQ - I found my way to Rick Dees. Yes he's corny, but I liked it for some reason...ok, the music, news and goofiness.

I started feeling guilty and traded off with NPR. Now it's going to be Morning Edition for me. I like news, but it gets boring. How many slow talking stories about the crashing economy do I need?

Radio has alienated white men. There will be three new Spanish speaking stations with Moving 93 goes away. We are forced to use our ipods and listen to news, talk, music from podcasts. Many of our favorite dj's have gone to the podcast.

Thanks for leaving me radio.
I do listen to a list of podcasts in the morning:
CNN headline news
MSNBC headline news
Cynopsis entertainment news
Marc Berman - TV ratings and rantings about American Idol from grown men
NPR News Shuffle - the best of yesterday's news shows - until they get cancelled.

I;m off to do something white - like tell people how great "Friday Night Lights" is.Jenga anyone?

Bird Saves Prez.

What's Up The Donald?

Celebrity Apprentice

Last night Donald Trump filler for those google reader types...................blah blah blah and go.......

Apparently Trump has different standards for Ms. USA winners than he does celebrity store clerks. Trump fired Khloe Kardashian because she is working through issues with her DUI.

Why no mercy for KK and a "second chance" for Miss USA? Donald let the disgraced crown winner go to rehab and keep her title. KK was already going through rehabilitation when she joined the show.

Hairdo Johnson claimed he knew nothing about KK's arrest until last week when she had to go back to LA for some court ordered drinking education.(Which the producers obliviously knew. They not only do a whole background check on contestants, KK obviously arranged a day off for the court date -- oh -- also when you google Khloe K her arrest shows up.

Trumpster basically said he was disgusted with her and sent her packing. Disgusted by what? That she is paying the price and servicing time for her crime? For following her court ordered classes and meetings? For trying to be a better person? To soften the blow he gave her charity $20,000. The charity? It's an addiction charity. Helping people with drug and alcohol problems.

Fire McLayoff also Dropped T-boz awhen it was obvious that he should've fired Melissa Rivers and Clint Black (don't make fun of me for knowing this show! Judge yourself!)

For T-boz he told her that since she volunteered to come in the board room she should go. It was a thin call back to another season where a cocky contestant strutted in the room and assumed he was untouchable.

This was obviously a way to keep on two more exciting celebs - Black and the daughter Rivers. T-boz and KK's crime? Not being confrontational enough.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Great News! Richard Bey is back!

The trailer for the new Richard Bey movie is finally on line!

RIP - Eat-a-Pita

After at least ten years the famed pita place closed it's doors and knocked down it's building. It's too bad. A great place to eat outdoors and scare at the crazy people walking by.
I'm sure the beauty parlor next door is happy to have some light coming through the side windows.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Good Bad Movie stuff

Are you drunk and/or famous?

Then I have a casting call for you...

Casting Call: VH1 is casting for season three of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, looking for recognizable celebrities who are struggling with an addiction or who are recently recovered and can benefit from being on the show. Series producers and Dr. Drew work with the celebrities involved in a sensitive manner to achieve positive, life-changing results. To recommend a celebrity for the show, send an email to
I guess the producers assume that famous people that hit rock bottom read

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

FOX Says Osbournes Variety show was an early April Fools Day Joke

Ratings from the Programming Insider: But all was not well on Fox care of inane variety series The Osbournes: Reloaded, which kicked-off with a fourth-place 5.0 rating/8 share in the overnights at 9:30 p.m. Retention out of the 9:00 p.m. portion of lead-in American Idol (13.6/21) was only 37 percent. Keep in mind that at least 16 Fox affiliated stations refused to air the Osbourne special, and an additional 10 moved it out of prime-time and into the early hours of the morning. So, these initial results are approximate. And Fox's decision to a) not schedule the remaining five episodes of the six-episode series yet, and b) trim last night's debut from one-hour to barely 30 minutes means there is a possibility the remaining telecasts will never see the light of day.

All in all, I personally think The Osbournes: Reloaded is now the worst variety series in the history of television. Move over The Brady Bunch Hour, The Chuck Barris Rah Rah Show, Turn-On and Pink Lady!