Monday, April 06, 2009

Radio Hates White People

With Moving 93 becoming a Spanish station that means one thing... NO MORE RICK DEES!

Oh, I'll admit the happy 80's songs kept me rolling in the morning as I put on my flat front Dockers and pressed Oxford. Now it is gone. Gone. This is an all assault on the white man - the middle aged white man. They are slowly taking away our radio - one Soft Cell song at a time.

This is not the first time the white man has been attacked in the morning.

Of course this all started when Howard went to pay for it radio. I love Howard...but I guest I'm more frugal than a Howard fan.
Indie 103.1 came on the scene a few years ago with that guy from that band. He had a great show. Then he was let go. Now what? Wait... He's been replaced by another former punk rocker. Joe Escalante was the morning guy at Indie 103.. His show was good. Good guests and good music. then the music got even more mainstream...then it went plain rock. Joe was gone and Morning Radiobot 3000 took over. They claimed they had to sell out to survive. It's became an order of KROQ hold the (Kevin and) Bean. That didn't last, it went Spanish and the Indie went on the internet.

So I jumped ship to 97.1 FM talk. They finally got rid of Danny Bonaduce in the morning and the show left the ACE man alone to talk and talk and talk. It became daily listening. Then 97.1 went disco - sorry to insult disco. This music sucks.

So, being just too old to listen to KROQ - I found my way to Rick Dees. Yes he's corny, but I liked it for some reason...ok, the music, news and goofiness.

I started feeling guilty and traded off with NPR. Now it's going to be Morning Edition for me. I like news, but it gets boring. How many slow talking stories about the crashing economy do I need?

Radio has alienated white men. There will be three new Spanish speaking stations with Moving 93 goes away. We are forced to use our ipods and listen to news, talk, music from podcasts. Many of our favorite dj's have gone to the podcast.

Thanks for leaving me radio.
I do listen to a list of podcasts in the morning:
CNN headline news
MSNBC headline news
Cynopsis entertainment news
Marc Berman - TV ratings and rantings about American Idol from grown men
NPR News Shuffle - the best of yesterday's news shows - until they get cancelled.

I;m off to do something white - like tell people how great "Friday Night Lights" is.Jenga anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Hey! All the white people are on KEARTH 101 in the morning!
Gary Bryan