Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hot or Not: Kabbalah is out - Jews are found annoying again

Hot Hollywood hit makers have given a collective "Enough Already!" to Kabbalah. After thousands of years tradition, the Jewish mysticism has finally run it's course.

"Sales of red string has dropped so fast. " said president of red string maker, The Red String Diaries, "that I would scream 'Oy!' if it was still cool to do so."

"It went from this cool thing that no one knew about," said one trend setter/follower, "Then one day it was like I woke up and everyone in Hollywood was Jewish.We can't all be chosen."

"It was no longer special or private. Everyone was doing it. I don't like to just blindly follow trends," stated an insider, "Have you seen "The Room?" That movie is so bad it's good!"

Now it turns out, if you want to be jewish, you actually have to be Jewish.

Kabbalah "jumped the shark" right after it was discovered that while ranting about people who wore read string and drinking Kabbalah water, comedian/ranter Denis Leary was indeed wearing said string and drinking the magic water.

The term "jump the shark," jumped the shark some time ago.

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