Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Studio jumps on Viral Video phenoms

Hey Numa, Numa guy, Tay Zinday get ready for your close up.

Warner Bros. has found a way to capitalize on the craze of youtube videos. They are making the first movie based on the popularity of a viral clip.

The infamous "Christian Bale goes nuts" audio clip turned Youtube click climber will soon come out as a motion picture. Once the violent tirade went public they studio tried to figure out how to cash in.

Now they are rushing to the theaters a movie based on the ramblings. "Terminator: Salvation" is a sort of movie outside of a movie. Bale was yelling at a grip while shooting a movie. Now the only logical thing to do is release the movie.

"I wanted to get all those people sending LOL cats and Scottish singers on a movie line," said one executive who will remain made up, "i wanted them out of their seats on into their a movie theater."

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