Monday, April 06, 2009

What's Up The Donald?

Celebrity Apprentice

Last night Donald Trump filler for those google reader types...................blah blah blah and go.......

Apparently Trump has different standards for Ms. USA winners than he does celebrity store clerks. Trump fired Khloe Kardashian because she is working through issues with her DUI.

Why no mercy for KK and a "second chance" for Miss USA? Donald let the disgraced crown winner go to rehab and keep her title. KK was already going through rehabilitation when she joined the show.

Hairdo Johnson claimed he knew nothing about KK's arrest until last week when she had to go back to LA for some court ordered drinking education.(Which the producers obliviously knew. They not only do a whole background check on contestants, KK obviously arranged a day off for the court date -- oh -- also when you google Khloe K her arrest shows up.

Trumpster basically said he was disgusted with her and sent her packing. Disgusted by what? That she is paying the price and servicing time for her crime? For following her court ordered classes and meetings? For trying to be a better person? To soften the blow he gave her charity $20,000. The charity? It's an addiction charity. Helping people with drug and alcohol problems.

Fire McLayoff also Dropped T-boz awhen it was obvious that he should've fired Melissa Rivers and Clint Black (don't make fun of me for knowing this show! Judge yourself!)

For T-boz he told her that since she volunteered to come in the board room she should go. It was a thin call back to another season where a cocky contestant strutted in the room and assumed he was untouchable.

This was obviously a way to keep on two more exciting celebs - Black and the daughter Rivers. T-boz and KK's crime? Not being confrontational enough.

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