Monday, September 29, 2008

Second show to get the axe (body spray)

Not to go negative, but after today's news that "Do not Disturb" was taken off the schedule, I wanted to chime in with the next pick (picked off). I won't say the name of it so anyone googling themselves won't find it and bitch about bitchy bloggers. But it rhymes with Burst Bleak.

The show has a high concept and an ad campaign that I don't get. They guy is lying in a diaper. Ok, it's a show about some dude pooping on himself? In that case I'm in.

I got to go back to stuffing my mattresses.
BTW - To avoid further connections with the real show, I put up a picture of something I like. Vera Wang deodorant. It burns though. BURNS!

I just watched "Heckler" a documentary about the affects of hecklers, critics and bloggers on comics. It's a really good movie. Now I'm trying not to be a nasty blogger type. So stop crying - if that's ok with you.

Kirk Cameron is a Movie Star

Cameron stars in the faith based hit "Fireproof." The movie came in 4th with a less than half the theaters than the #2 new movie of the week and a much better per screen average. According to the movie cost next to nothing.
I don't know if the draw was so much the "Growing Pains" star or God. We'll see who gets top billing in the sequel.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Good thing Nikki Fink reminded us that she's not one to to remind us. I'm just glad she's objective.

'member English?

Are 14 year olds selling houses now?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sure it's hot as hell...but the schools are great reports that a new court show "The Hollywood Judge" is looking for cases. You are reminded that the show is unique b/c it's all very Hollywood. Except that the judge is from New Jersey and the show is shot in the Valley.

is this guy a joke?

Either way you should call him. I saw this on a pole on Melrose.

Look out!

This poster for "The Day the Earth Stood Still" makes me think of a whole different movie. I feel like the martians come down and we all hide so they think there's no one here.

This guy gets it done

Thursday, September 11, 2008

CNN loves baby talk

Tonight under the shots of talking heads, news anchors and presidential hopefuls and above the scroll of non emergency news, was a revolving headline concerning a hurricane threat. One of the headlines was written so simply that it felt like it was for children. "HURRICANE IKE PREDICTED TO BE MONSTER STORM." "Monster Storm?" Was that the actual word used? Did the weather center send out a wire, "Warning, Monster storm approaching, dude. Totally. Kegger cancelled. No major rager."

The other one I liked was "FEMA CHIEF: IKE IS "MOTHER NATURE'S WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION." was he explaining it to his 4 year old?
Will all news be geared to our inner idiot? "Chocolate Man and that guy who's the same age as Grandpa are both trying to be King of USA."

CBS goes after the already upset audience

This sign is on a few posts right on the way to a hospital in LA. Who walks by a hospital in LA? People going to visit sick people or people who take care of them.
So what was my reaction when I saw something that looked like a missing poster?

"OH MY GOD! How sad. That local woman is missing and he loved one must have just put that up. Someone took a number...there's hope. I hope it's a real tip not a lonely person faking like they know them. The woman is so pretty too. What a shame...not that only ugly woman should...she looks like the woman from "Grey's Anatomy." Maybe this is a show promotion for her Jane Doe Character? Wait she has a new show about a woman looking for her ex boyfriends...Ugh.

PS: by the next day they were ripped down.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

One Black Person rule.

In TV today it seems that no show has more than one black person on it. Yes there's "Everybody Hates Chris" and "Girlfriends." But that's it. How many shows are on TV? Plus any show with more thank two black people are considered "black shows" and banished to that. There aren't any all black shows. The only person who likes Chris is a white guy and there's one white football couple.

The exception is two black people, but one is male and one is female. Mostly the black is gay, wears woman's clothing or is hen pecked. The women are usually sassy black women. The women are usually the advice giving best friend of the white person who has a life.
Name a show on air now. I dare you.
FOx's two sitcoms go by that rule. They hired JB Smooth to play JB Smooth on "'Til Death," a show about coupling - but he does not get a wife.
On their new sitcom "Do Not Disturb" the sassy black woman from "Reno 911" plays a sassy black woman in a world of white characters.

The updated "90210" has one black person as a regular character which is one more than the original. But what do his black parents do? Oh, well...we don't know. You see that would mean the show would have to hire at least two more black people and maybe even have them in a positive light. This kid is adopted "Dif'rent Strokes" style.

Name me a show on air now. "Greek?" One female back character - plays best friend. One black character, gay.

The Shield? Two. One is the captain (great role) the other is gay and trying to hide it.

CSI? one each.