Thursday, September 11, 2008

CBS goes after the already upset audience

This sign is on a few posts right on the way to a hospital in LA. Who walks by a hospital in LA? People going to visit sick people or people who take care of them.
So what was my reaction when I saw something that looked like a missing poster?

"OH MY GOD! How sad. That local woman is missing and he loved one must have just put that up. Someone took a number...there's hope. I hope it's a real tip not a lonely person faking like they know them. The woman is so pretty too. What a shame...not that only ugly woman should...she looks like the woman from "Grey's Anatomy." Maybe this is a show promotion for her Jane Doe Character? Wait she has a new show about a woman looking for her ex boyfriends...Ugh.

PS: by the next day they were ripped down.

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