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10 Lies we tell each other in LA to survive.

We have basketball team called the “Lakers” – but no lakes.
The “LA River” has no water running through it.
We call actual traffic jams, “Sig Alerts.” It’s not an “alert” if it’s actually happening.

Hollywood is a hard town. So we have to tell each other little lies so we don't go crazy and move to a place with realistic housing prices and actual jobs.

I present to you - Phrases translated to English from “Hollywood Speak.”

“Your meeting is at 11 AM.” = “Come at 11, my assistant will get you a bottle of water and you can sit there until noon.”

"We will think about it and get back to you." = “We will not and we won’t. Use that door.” 

“It’s a web show” = “No pay.”

“I’m just out there pitching shows.” = “I’m not working.”

“We’ll keep your resume on file.” = “You didn’t see the door? I just alluded to it.”

"I'm not suggesting this, I'm just letting you know it’s an option."  = “Do this. If I’m right, I get the credit. If I’m wrong, I’m able to blame you.”

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The teen perp was in the park with his two friends and his sister. They were counting the money they made dancing, when they see the transgender girl. She was taking pictures. The teens harassed her while tons of African American teens egged them on and filmed it. One African American teen accidentally pushed the transgender teen off the bridge.

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