Monday, June 02, 2008

Men left home to starve as wives go to the movies!

"Sex and the City" proved that if yo give women a movie for them that they would want to see, they would see it. Fuckin' shocker. CNN radio's headline was "Girl Power." These ain't girls. They woman folk.

Yes, if you give woman a good movie, they will go and see it. Hard to believe but true. So will men. Not jus tthe ones dragged by their ladies.

People are belittling the numbers, but it is what it is. Great. It did almost three times better than "What Happens in Vegas," the big star vehicle. Better than Narnia II or "Forgetting Sarah Marshal on their opening weekends. In fact "City" made in one weekend almost as much as "Marshall's" did in seven weeks.

Oh, hey expert talking heads, if you are going to go on the TV and talk about this phenom; it's called "Sex and the City" not "Sex in the City."

Do this mean Hollywood will copy it by making more films for women or more movies from HBO series?
I say, wait for "Mind of the Married Man: The Movie."

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Arli$$ in IMAX