Saturday, April 01, 2017

Watching TV on the internet makes you smarter than people who watch TV on a TV

Studies show that if you watch TV shows on the internet and not on TV, you look smarter. "I love 'Two and a Half Men' reruns" will make you look like a neanderthal.

But if you say, "I BitTorrentthe 'Big Bang Theory.'" or "I caught 'Kevin Can Wait' on CBS All Access" you'll look smart. It's the new way of saying "I don't watch TV," when you clearly do. It's TV. You mean to tell me everyone on earth are hypnotized by the blue light of the TV, but you?

Remember when you could say "I don't watch TV, except for Jon Stewart?" Now that he's off the air, what's a pseudo intellectual to do?
Well you might be back in luck.

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Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to you that us TV-internet-watchers are actually just broke-bastards who can't afford cable and in fact move to different parts of our crummy apartments, trying to connect to a stolen internet signal while having to reload Cougar Town again and again each time it cuts out, making us switch spots? It's not an easy life, yenta. And they say Precious had it bad.