Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Something nice from a Blogger

Although it stinks the the funny show "Better Off Ted" is being burned off in the dark winter months and most likely not returning - we must give credit to the network for putting the show on in the first place. It's not a conventional show - not a family sitcom, not about young singles, not based around a slumming star. But it's a show that's just very funny and entertaining.

The network gave the show two seasons and unfortunately it did not catch on. Thanks for trying something different. Hopefully you'll try again soon.

Movie Studios become a bit happier

Studios are very excited by Bradley Cooper's break out role in "The Hangover." Hollywood found a new leading man. "Now we don't have to deal with Ryan Rynolds," said one studio executive, "That guy can now get his own chicken breast."
For a brief time, Hollywood thought Dane Cook would save them from the double R - unfortunately that did not turn out.

"Now if we can just hand over all of David Cross' parts to that Zach guy," continued the candid exec, "we'd all be a bit happier."

Thursday, December 17, 2009

On tonight's show - the guy from last night's show

It seems that the LA comedy podcasts all fish from the same pond. They all seem to have comedy regulars like Paul F. Tompkins and Chris Hardwick. Also Weird "Al" has become hip appearing on "CDR" and Doug Benson's movie show.

All these people are funny, but it makes the podcasts as limiting as the comedy shows. The hip comedy shows will have the same pool of comedians in LA. I guess it's about calling your friends and getting it done.

If Benson's show or CDR are the main stage of podcasts, then shows like "The Paul Goebel Show" are the open mic of podcasts. his shows feature new up and coming comedians he meets at the open mic. Some are funny and some are just fine. But it's nice to hear a different white male voice on the air once in a while.

This week a Todd Glass-less podcast of "Comedy & Everything Else" welcomes the Bud Light Golden Wheat of comedy (slightly less bitter than before) Marc Maron. On Marc's Podcast last week he welcomed hilarious comedian Andy Kindler. Just a Marc and Andy were guests on Doug "not now I'm talking up this chick" Benson on his funny podcast "I Love Movies." A week before that, Doug was on JImmy Dore's "Comedy & Everything Else."