Monday, November 27, 2006

Gawker this:

Who am I Tyler Durden?

Saturday night I entered Hollywood spot Vine Street Lounge on vine Street. Sitting at one of the VIP tables was Andy Dick. My brother from out of town turned to his wife, "Well we have our celebrity sighting." Oh, boy did he not know what was happening.

Over on a balcony in the VVIP section was a dancing Lindsay Lohan. She was wearing a white Oxford, a belt and high boots. Also some tight black shorts no pants. She was wearing underwear but not much else.

Dick introduced the bands that night. Before bringing up the headliners, Ringside, Dick came up with two underage looking girls on his arm. He told his two ladies to "Vamanos" twice. They only left when he told them what it means. Then he brought on Lindsay. She was holding it together. Andy mentioned something about singing a show before bringing out the band. The drummer shot Dick the dirtiest look so he said the name of the band and walked off.

If I'm drinking at the same club as Lindsay Lohan and Andy Dick, does that make me an alcoholic? My sponsor says no.