Thursday, April 29, 2004

Do you think I'm Nazi?

Is that news? Should we know very damaging thins about an actor?

Just when you thought that Keving Spacy was in trouble when he was "mugged" in a park, his brother tells Sharon Churcher (reports Fox News) that dad was a Nazi. (story below)

Most peopele speculate that Spacy is gay. In fact to be "in the know" in Hollywood you have to have a story ready about him and a partner.
"I work at this resturant and Spacy would come just to take out the waiter."
"When I drop off my shirts I see Spacy in the back with the back with the laudrer."
" I saw him walking his dog. It was a little dog in a big dog suit."

I don't know if these stories are true, but this guy sure can get around. When does he have time to shoot subpar films if he's spending all his time being gay?

Today's report is the most damaging. What does Spacy do? Come right out and say, "Ok, I'm gay. please ignore the Nazi stuff."

I feel bad for his brother, the low rent Jermain Jackson of the one celeb family that used a famous name and a family secret to ge this name on TV. He's a Rod Stewart impersonator by the way.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

By Roger Friedman

Kevin Spacey's Family Secrets: Dad Was an American Nazi, Rapist and Abuser

Years ago I was told by a confidant of two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey that his father, Thomas Geoffrey Fowler, had been a member of the American Nazi party.

From Fox:
Kevin Spacey's Family Secrets Are Out

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

AOL has lowered their prices to $17.95/month to compete with other services. Now if they could just stop knocking me off line and stop pop ups and spam...

However, they're not doing much to inform their loyal customers of the potential savings.

If you call AOL at (888) 265- 8008, you can arrange to have your monthly fee lowered. It requires you to commit to a year of continued AOL service. You also have to have had AOL service for at least one year. You can be assured that this is legit, as they do not ask for your credit card number. It's quick and easy.

Has AOL admitted defeat? They walked around like a peacock and now they've been out done by fast and cheaper services.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

A song from the band Modest Mouse is used for a Nissan mini van comercial. Are they trying to target the depressed soccer moms?

Two of the main characters from the ABC Sitcom, "Less Than Perfect" sent out emails to all their friends to help save the office based comedy.

Desparate hours! ABC hasn't renewed the show yet. So why not write to everyone you know to get them to watch your show.

Dear all,

I know you've gotten a couple of mass emails from us recently, but none is as important as this.

After a brief hiatus, Less Than Perfect is back on the air, and we need to get the word out to everyone.

As the season winds down and there is still no word on a pickup for next year, now is the most crucial time to have strong viewership. Please, please, please, tune in on Tuesday (ABC 9:30pm, 8:30 central) and forward this email to everyone you know.

Thanks for your continued support. Every TV counts.

Sara and Mischa

PS - And if you're so inclined don't hesitate to write a letter to the president of ABC, explaining why you think Less Than Perfect is the best show on television.

ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551
Phone number: (818) 460-7477

For ABC's Primetime and Daytime shows, as well as our Movies and Specials:
Audience Relations Department at

To EVERYONE in my address book,

Yes EVERYONE. Don't think I'm a total a-hole just yet for sending you a mass email... This one's kinda important (but not really, in the grand scheme of things).

That TV show that I'm on, the one where I play the wacky neighbor / cheeky co-worker, yeah well that show is coming back on the air this Tuesday Night on ABC (9:30, 8:30 central 4/27/04) after a month-long hiatus (the network wanted to test out some show about gay in-laws in our time slot for a while). Anyway, that gay show is back on ABC's "Totally Gay Wednesday Family TV Night of Laughs and Gays and Fun! - TGWFTVNLGF!" and we're back on for the "May Sweeps" ratings period.

See, here's the thing, a few of us in the cast (not me so much) thought that it would be a great idea to let our close friends and family (EVERYONE in our address books) know that the show is back on the air tomorrow night. Anyway, we're a super-tight bunch and where just one goes, we all go (except for when just one of us goes somewhere cool on ABC's dime or to rehab for a while... then it's just the rest of us) so we're ALL emailing our close friends and family (EVERYONE in our address books) to let them know that "the single-funniest show NOT about gay people in America" is back on the air! WAHOO! Well, there is one gay on the show (not me), but you'll have to tune to find out who! (not me)

Past that, I want to thank you, whomever you are, for being in my life for what ever reason that would require that I have your email address. And again, please don't feel slighted for not receiving a more personal email from me. This email is the same one that my dear parents will be receiving, as well as a guy who did some crappy brick work on my home so if you're between those two parties, you're alright with me!

Here's the email that Sara Rue (star of "Less Than Perfect") sent out to EVERYONE in her address book that better explains... why I'm still sitting at my computer.


Monday, April 19, 2004

Below the Belt vaudeville
9:30 PM
4/26 Monday
$8 cover
2138 Hillhurst Avenue
just south of Los Feliz blvd.

Hosted by Johnny Fayva
Comedian Mike O'Connell (Jimmy Kimmel Live)
Magician Christopher Wonder
Fan Dancer: Kitten Deville
Hot Pirate dancer Gypsy
MED the most dangerous Yo-Yo kid