Thursday, September 04, 2008

One Black Person rule.

In TV today it seems that no show has more than one black person on it. Yes there's "Everybody Hates Chris" and "Girlfriends." But that's it. How many shows are on TV? Plus any show with more thank two black people are considered "black shows" and banished to that. There aren't any all black shows. The only person who likes Chris is a white guy and there's one white football couple.

The exception is two black people, but one is male and one is female. Mostly the black is gay, wears woman's clothing or is hen pecked. The women are usually sassy black women. The women are usually the advice giving best friend of the white person who has a life.
Name a show on air now. I dare you.
FOx's two sitcoms go by that rule. They hired JB Smooth to play JB Smooth on "'Til Death," a show about coupling - but he does not get a wife.
On their new sitcom "Do Not Disturb" the sassy black woman from "Reno 911" plays a sassy black woman in a world of white characters.

The updated "90210" has one black person as a regular character which is one more than the original. But what do his black parents do? Oh, well...we don't know. You see that would mean the show would have to hire at least two more black people and maybe even have them in a positive light. This kid is adopted "Dif'rent Strokes" style.

Name me a show on air now. "Greek?" One female back character - plays best friend. One black character, gay.

The Shield? Two. One is the captain (great role) the other is gay and trying to hide it.

CSI? one each.


Anonymous said...

So your point is? Do I have to spell it out for you. Ok, here it is. "All black" shows don't make any money because people get tired of them quickly, nobody's buying the products or services, advertisers pull out and poof there she goes. There have been all black shows before, 227, Cosby (was around for a loooong time because they were normal, not "in your face" black, and all families could identify with them). There were others but they didn't last long b/c they weren't good. You think it's some sort of white thing? Get off your rant about playing the victim b/c your black. Stop being so "black" and just be American. Jesse

Media Yenta said...

I'm not looking for all black shows, but that would be fine. What about have a black person in the lead and not the best friend? What about more than one black person which would no longer make their presence a token gesture?

It's just getting boring and nothing has changed in 40 or more years.

Ps. I'm not black. Just tired of the same old thing. I'm white and I'm tired of white people.

tgodd said...

friday night lights? smash's family is black..