Monday, September 29, 2008

Second show to get the axe (body spray)

Not to go negative, but after today's news that "Do not Disturb" was taken off the schedule, I wanted to chime in with the next pick (picked off). I won't say the name of it so anyone googling themselves won't find it and bitch about bitchy bloggers. But it rhymes with Burst Bleak.

The show has a high concept and an ad campaign that I don't get. They guy is lying in a diaper. Ok, it's a show about some dude pooping on himself? In that case I'm in.

I got to go back to stuffing my mattresses.
BTW - To avoid further connections with the real show, I put up a picture of something I like. Vera Wang deodorant. It burns though. BURNS!

I just watched "Heckler" a documentary about the affects of hecklers, critics and bloggers on comics. It's a really good movie. Now I'm trying not to be a nasty blogger type. So stop crying - if that's ok with you.

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