Thursday, September 11, 2008

CNN loves baby talk

Tonight under the shots of talking heads, news anchors and presidential hopefuls and above the scroll of non emergency news, was a revolving headline concerning a hurricane threat. One of the headlines was written so simply that it felt like it was for children. "HURRICANE IKE PREDICTED TO BE MONSTER STORM." "Monster Storm?" Was that the actual word used? Did the weather center send out a wire, "Warning, Monster storm approaching, dude. Totally. Kegger cancelled. No major rager."

The other one I liked was "FEMA CHIEF: IKE IS "MOTHER NATURE'S WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION." was he explaining it to his 4 year old?
Will all news be geared to our inner idiot? "Chocolate Man and that guy who's the same age as Grandpa are both trying to be King of USA."

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