Friday, May 08, 2009

NBC to Make next Super Bowl 4 1/2 days

NBC has found the key to success - if something works copy it. they did that with "Friends" and now with reality shows. THe Biggest Loser gained a second hour and went to two. Even the Celebrity Apprentice (I love this show) merged a second hour. Even their late night talkers is an extra hour. They added Fallon, but never got rid of anyone else.

Now the finale of Trump's show is three hours. Whut!? That's a lot of filler.

Is it that important that I would give up three hours of my life to watch it? It's not the Oscars or the Super Bowl!

Since the Super Bowl is traditionally the highest rated show of any year, NBC will now expand the game to just under 5 days. The players are not thrilled but understand in this economy they have to give 110 % and get paid for 80 of it.

The book makers in Vegas are frustrated. A lot of them have quit gambling and decided to actually make books.

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