Monday, April 07, 2008

Good Bad Movies: Good Luck Chuck

Usually a good bad movie is watchable, but terrible. "Good Luck Chuck" is
hardly watchable, but the bad elements link up to make a good watching experience.

It's about a good looking guy who has a curse, every girl he dates (i.e. bangs) ends up marrying the next guy they So chicks from all over rush to him to just have sex. But only hot chicks with boob jobs, because those types have the hardest times meeting men.

The movie is offensive on many levels and it's easier to just hit the good (bad) points of the film.

Its' not one bad movie, it's 20 different movies in one.
Klutzy hot chick (What About Mary), sex scene montage (Wedding Crashers), Penguins (March of...), fat, sloppy best friend who sleeps with women (John Candy in Splash), getting caught fucking food (American Pie), etc.

Opening scene - Almost illegal: a bunch of 12 years are playing spin the bottle. A 12 year old Goth chick takes Chuck into the closet for a little you know what. Chuck is both nervous and not interested and scared to death when she rips open her shirt and reveals a leather training bra. Yes, I thought the authorities were going to rush into the theater and shut the movie down. Partly hoped, so I wouldn't have to see any more.

The Klutzy girl - why do they make the hot girl a klutz a lot? First of all, we've seen it. Does it make them more attractive or more gettable?

No fat chicks - the only time Chuck hooks up with heavy women (or just plain non-strippers). One time to break the curse he picks the grossest woman possible and seduces her. Ok, not great.

Here's where it went pair shaped. His receptionist, a sweet heavy, middle age black woman with limited acting abilities shows up at his house and begs him to sleep with her. Since her husband died she's been so lonely. She needs some of Chuck powers to get a man. He finally gives in and she tells him he could think of someone else. He says he won't, but I think he did.

Jessica Alba's character smartly dumps Chuck after he loves his mind and becomes a crazed stalker. But her brother talks her into giving this possibly dangerous guy a second chance. Oh, did I mention that the brother is a huge pot head and heavy smoker. That's teh last guy i would take advice from. And, it's terrible advice.

The movie slides into a stalker comedy - with a funny scene of Chuck losing his mind. Then it's a love story again with two or three unfunny endings including one where Dane improvises fucking a stuffed penguin.


I can't say this is a typical scene - because this movie has no consistency.


Dane Cook said...

It's a fairy tale for men from the publishers of Maxim. You can bang hot women but you'll never fall in wuv. Personally his fat sidekick (Balls of Fury guy) seems to be channelling Curtis Armstong and Tom Hanks' doctor brother in Bachelor Party.

It's a dishonest movie and should had won a dozen Razzies.

On the other hand, R-rated Lionsgate comedy is easier on the eyes than an R-rated Lionsgate horror flick.

Anonymous said...

This is a funny movie. IT IS a bad movie but for the most part a funny bad movie. Dont take it so seriously.