Tuesday, April 08, 2008

LA stereotypes

I hate to say any of these things really happen in LA, but when it does, I will report it, since people like to believe Hollywood is filled with phonies. Not filled.

Caller: "Why is it that we only talk once a year?"
Me: "Because you only need something once a year."
Caller: "You are so funny. Anyway...I have a favor to ask..."

Girl at party (After listing all the strip clubs she worked at in Florida and admitting she snuck in with the sound guys who she met out in the parking lot.)
Girl: "Are there any famous stars here tonight?"
Me: "That guy was in Lord of the Rings."
Girl: (Not interested)"Oh. What did he play?"
Me: "I don't know. I think he was the head Wookie."
Girl: (Very interested) "Wow. Can you introduce us?"

Just then some dude who also must have snuck in starts to cock block me.
"Is that a tattoo? I was thinking of getting one. Did it hurt?" Thank goodness. I walk away quickly. Later the girl gives me a wave, just in case I'm important. the guy sees me at the end of the night and is pissed I left him with her.

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VioletMoodSwings said...

Thanks for manning the frontlines of Hollywood assholery, Media Yenta!