Thursday, April 10, 2008

breaking Howard Stern news

UPDATE: Audio of Artie Lange attacking his assistant on air and quitting. click here.

Artie Lange Resigns from Howard Stern Show

Atlanta, GA 4/10/2008 04:43 PM GMT (FINDITT)

Artie Lange, a mainstay on the Howard Stern Stow, resigned Thursday after an argument and subsequent outburst at his personal assistant on the air.

Lange, who became a member of the show in October 2001, was seen disputing with his assistant in the hallways off the air. Once Stern found out about the dispute, he invited Lange's assistant Teddy to discuss it on the air.

The argument began with Lange's issues with Teddy over money, then discussed travel accomodations Teddy, known as "Teddy Microphone" to the staff, made for Lange to Amsterdam.

As the argument ensued, Lange physically lashed out at Teddy. The scuffle was broken up by staff members, but Stern denounced Lange's actions.

Lange, who has a similar incident on air in the past, said he could not guarantee not acting out in this manner in the future. Stern replied, saying he cannot have Lange around with the potential of another physical outburst.

Lange then offered his resignation and Stern accepted.

Several fans have visited the Stern Fan Network (SFN) to discuss their thoughts about the situation and the potential of Lange never returning to the show.


pofeck said...

My co workers have been talking about this all day. I must have pulled up my blog that has the video like 20 times. Well, I hope he gets the help he needs.

Anonymous said...

This actress doing PSA adds when she's shown her boobs on the internet and shows up at premiers of movies she has a five second cameo in needs to give it up...sooo last decades news mere get a clue....