Friday, July 23, 2010

Andrew Breitbart to Edit This blog

We are proud to announce that Andrew Breitbart 
has joined the masthead of "Media Yenta." 
This is a site with fake entertainment news stories.
But people don't know which are fake and which are real.
"I tried to put a disclaimer. People didn't get it," said the 
Media Yenta himself. 
"But with Andrew as our editor, everyone would know 
the stories are made up and not true."
"As an added bonus, Andrew's blogs get a lot of respect. 
FOX news called him the 'publisher' of Publisher? He hits the orange "Publish Post" button 
on his blogger account. They also called him 'founder.'
He has a blog. FOX news is giving his blog credibility. Why? 
Is it on Wordpress? Was it a Tumblr site? Damn. 
Why is his blog a respected news source?"

So please, join us in welcoming Breibart as our Entertainment Editor. 
We need people to know we make shit up too.

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