Sunday, February 16, 2003

That LA Thang...

Everyone in Hollywood wants to be connected to celebrity in anyway possible.
Last night I was a a party at my only famous friend. I ended up talking to her mover for most of the night, while I waited for my girlfriend to show up.

The mover and I had a nice talk about how nice the hostess was. Then he went on to tell me of all the famous people he moves Dan how they hang. I found that one movie star wouldn't let his moving crew in his house when he left his bedroom. They had to walk out until he went back in his room.

I also met a fishman. He puts fish in famous people's ponds and maintains the ponds. he went on about the famous people. I actually work in the business and I don't know that many people.

Is it not enough to be a great mover? Do you have to be a shaker too?

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