Thursday, January 23, 2003

Four Anchors...and nothing on

CBS Early Show has shown some real ratings growth since they changed their format to a four person anchoring desk. Instead of one talking head, there's four.
I think the ratings went up because Bryant Gumble left the show and people just don't like the guy.

Even with four hosts they haven't changed the format of a talk show. It's still host intro's segment, throws to host #2.
Host #2 intro's topic and outside expert.
Outside expert does demonstration while host asks all the right questions off of a blue card to move the segment along.
Expert demonstrates, explains, cooks, etc.
Then host plugs the book and mentions there's more (actual) information on the show's website.

One show I watched was on how to exercise better. "Wow," you maybe thinking, "It's the new year. How did they know I was thinking about losing weight?"

One woman introduced the piece and threw it to the guy.
The guy, Henry I think, was in a living room type set. It looked a study in a British murder mystery. It was most likely there that Mr. Blum did it with a candle stick.

Then Charley, or whatever his name is, introduced the outside expert. A hot trainer type from some gym wearing a work out outfit.
She went on each machine that was there and told us how to do it better.

Then he plugged her book and website.

The producer put the piece together. The producer most likely found the idea in a magazine or the expert pitched it.
Why not have one of the 50 hosts on the show, teach another one of the many hosts how to cook or whatever? Why do you need to find an expert, get tape, do a pre-interview, tell the expert how the segment is going to go, send a car, hope they show, hope they aren't too nervous, have them do the segment, pay them an appearance fee, get them another car, tell them that you can't get them a copy of the show, ignore their calls for the next month, telling them that you can't give them a copy of the show?

Just teach one of the many hosts to lead the segment.

People should start listening to me more. I will save TV.
There's four people there. Why not

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