Saturday, January 04, 2003

It must be tax time again
The radio is blasting ads on how you can get your income taxes back. This old guy with a gruff voice tells you you're wasting your money by "giving it to the government."

I picture that if they did testimonials from real clients, they'd be from jail.

(Noise of a prison riot going on in the background)
Client: "I'm Jim, or #18232. I used this new method and saved thousands of dollars in taxes that I thought I had to give to Uncle Sam. But thanks to Bill Saver, I kept all that money. It was Bill Saver that taught me how to get money back from the government. It was Bill Saver. Only Bill Saver...
(to the side) Was that good enough? Can I make a deal with the prosecutor now?"

I feel a little embarrassed that I listen to a radio station that has ads for nothing but weight-loss stuff, hair-regaining products, and dating services. What's their demographics? Who sent in my picture?

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