Tuesday, January 14, 2003

With the release of the new film "Kangaroo Jack" I need to point out a trend that's as out of date and offensive as the boxing kangaroo film genre itself.

The Black sidekick.

Since the invention of the white man, there's been a black sidekick.

"We're not racist, we have a black guy int he film."
Yes but he's usually the comic relief. He's the one who make big eyes and gets scared (Evolution, w/ Orlando Jones, 2001).
The white guy is the one who gets the girl, finds the treasure and learns something about himself.

Even the movies set in the middle ages had a this guy. "Dungeons & Dragons" had Wayans #412 playing the funny, but loyal, but scared, sidekick.
I spent many a Saturday Night rolling 20 sided dice and being a warrior or fighter. I never remember being an outdated stereotype.
Charisma 16
Strength 19
Step-n-Fetchit 24

On the other hand, whenever there's a movie with mostly black people, the one white guy is either dumb or a wannabe black guy. What does that mean? That he only gets to hang because he's stupid?

Movies and TV shows with the black sidekick:
I got to get to work and stop obsessing about a problem that isn't mine. Email me any suggestions and I'll put it on. One day I'll fix the comment thingie. One day...

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