Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Not a shocker
In a move that can only be described as; "No shit," NBC announce last night that there's one more season of FRAISER after this.
If I was the protesting type; I'd be in front of NBC right now with signs that read, "THAT SHOW HAS GOTS TO GO!"
I'm surprised that this wasn't their last season. The ratings started to drop this year. The only way people watched is when they almost killed off Niles. They gave him a terminal disease that was miraculously cured at the end of sweeps.

This show is went from being the new "Cheers," to the new "Coach."

How much more money do you need? Go home!

And whatever happened to Fraiser's son? Is he in some neglected TV daycare with Ross' son?

I never really liked that show. "Hidden Hills" looks like it's canned too.

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