Monday, September 19, 2005

Thoughts on the Emmys:

Last night, coming out of comercials and just before the segment where teh best dramtic actress is announced, they had a promo for the news. "tonight's Emmy winners" and they showed Patricia Arquette, the extra large Medium. Thanks.
How did she beat Glenn Close?

why was every late night host there but Jimmy Kimmel?
How much did Carson hate Jay if Letterman did a tribute and Leno was no where to be found? He did take the torch. "If Carson was alive today, he'd say, "Fuck that long chinned fuck."

The Scottich host of the late late show guy was unfunny and smug. Stepped on his own joke.

The news anchor thing was great. If not just for the Jennings tribute. All three men were forced out. one by age, one by scandal and the other by death. You pick which one.
Dan Rather keeps talking about having America's trust. He don't. He shouldn't.
It was cool that Lost won (get it). I hope it doesn't suck this year.
"Everybody love Raymond" won for best comedy. the cast looked like they would kill Raymond. "one more year!" Why did Brad Garret win and not Peter Boyle?
HBO might have the best shows and movies but who saw "Warm Springs?" "Empire Falls?" or SHowtime's movie about men of the cloth that love to love too much?
When will the Wire win everything?

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