Monday, October 01, 2007

It might just be you...

Oh holly crap! I picked a bunch of new podcasts to listen to. this one is theater cast from SF.

  Apparently Hollywierd is too dumb to recognize good art so Michael Rice interviews the best of the unknown to give them exposure.
You know, kept down by closed mined Hollywood that only wants things that make money like sequels and the possibility of an audience... This guy Rice is interviewing is so fucking clueless. I think it's a joke, but Tim Sudano has a website and a trailer.

It feels like a bit on "Best show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling ."

Ricetalks about how Hollywood and Broadway has nothing original and then presents this pioneer. Tim, the pioneer, agrees and tells of his many rejections. Finally he describes the movie. It's a detective/vampire/alien story.
listen here The podcast keeps getting better and better. The host finally loses his shit and then kisses the guy's ass again.

From the "Cool as Hell Theater show" website:
Tim Sudano thinks his company should be the "go to" company for theater and film in the Bay Area. Sudano has recently produced a film called Second Chance, about a detective, bitten by a vampire, who rises above the situation because he is an alien. What the hell???

This is why I love SF, they are clueless to the real world. This has to be a joke. Don't say people turned down your stuff b/c they are closed minded. They might just not like it.
Here's some more interviews with the cast.The director says the movie is going to be better than the first Stars Wars Trilogy - that's my first clue that this is all a joke. But so much work went into the website and trailer. I also want to believe it.

It's well lit - I'll give him that.

No one is required to put up your show or see your movie. Yes, when you pitch a project someone might wonder if they will make their money back. Why not? And what's wrong with turning a profit.

Anyway, I can't tell if this is a joke or not, but let's hope it is a joke- otherwise "The Room" might have a run for it's money.


Anonymous said...

sadly Tim Sudano thinks he is the real deal. anyone who's worked with him though thinks he's a joke. he's a pathetic lowlife who uses 'filming' to hit on underage girls

Anonymous said...

i agree with the poster. I dedicated myself to one of his projects for a year and never saw or heard from him again. I heard he recast the "film" 3x and never told the actors, just reshot it and dropped contact with the current cast! He is an amateur first off and required a regular digital camera be borrowed from one of the members to shoot the "movie". He's a pervert and wastes talents time!

Cass said...

you may not look here again but I was wondering which film you worked on? I was one of the vampires in TOL from may of 2002 to 2006

Media Yenta said...

four years to make a movie? Did it ever get finished? I never worked with him.

Media Yenta

Cass said...

try 6 years, I came in after the first cast got sick of him. and no, none of the TOL films ever got finished... except Valley of Screams which was absolutly awful. though you won't find it anywhere 'cause when I left the "group" he actually had enough spite to destroy everything that I was in. He promised that he had a premier set up AND someone who wanted to promote each film and we'd get paid when he did... yeah never gonna happen.
his MO is this: Write sub par script, give all his friends starring roles (well supporting roles, he stars in everything) and sucker in new talent, spend 6 months on a film and then scrap it with one scene left to shoot, and if he manages to finish filming something goes wrong in the editing process and he suddenly can't 'locate' some key member of the cast so he's got to scrap the whole project

Anonymous said...

if you're interested, this film is finished

let us know what you think

Manny The Hippy said...

Dead Link. Looks like this one got shelved.

Monica said...

for now. give him 6 months to re-surface the same old story.
he changes web pages like he should change his shorts. last time he did something like this he touted that his company had been bought out by a bigger, better indy film co but it was just a haircut per-say.

Adam Spiegelman said...

here's a link to the original interview.